Today is a new day!

I was once taught that the most dangerous states to live in are the past and the present. Today is a new day! One thing so many people do is spend their entire lives beating themselves up for something, which they said or did or didn’t say or do years ago, but today is aContinue reading “Today is a new day!”

What Makes Us Beautiful?

A few weeks ago, I received an email from my friend Jane Patterson, who lives in Australia. I like to say that Jane is one of the most beautiful spirits I will probably never meet. Jane told me about a woman, Natalie McComas, who was doing a photographic series called Beautiful in this Skin. AccordingContinue reading “What Makes Us Beautiful?”

Blissful Blueberry Basics

Must have been a psychic thing because I woke up this morning thinking about blueberries only to discover that today, July 11 is National Blueberry Muffin Day, and I ate the last of the blueberries last night. Maybe that is why I woke up thinking about them. Blueberries are one of my top four berriesContinue reading “Blissful Blueberry Basics”

Go with God, but Go!

Go with God, but Go! I wish I could claim the creation of this statement, but someone I know borrowed the phrase from a nun. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that someone no longer needs to be in your life. Finding the words and the strength within to acknowledge this and act on canContinue reading “Go with God, but Go!”

Create a Beautiful Dream

This morning I was talking to Zoe’s friend Barb who had come to visit for a couple of days. We were talking about my blog on testicles, which she enjoyed and she asked me where I got the inspiration for my blogs. I told her I could find inspiration in just about anything. I lookContinue reading “Create a Beautiful Dream”

It all started with a show on lamb fries

A few weeks ago, I had mentioned writing about the lessons to be learned from lamb fries. Last night, my friend Heather laughed when I said I might write about them this week. So here you go Heather, my spiritual reflections on lamb fries, aka as lamb testicles, and testicles in general. Hmm, spirituality andContinue reading “It all started with a show on lamb fries”

You are more then a number!

We had just finished healing harbor last night. I was feeling spiritually fulfilled that we had been able to provide healing to so many people. At the same time, I was physically exhausted, my body ached from the rain, my eyes itched from my allergies, and every cell in my being just wanted to crawlContinue reading “You are more then a number!”