Seeing Compliments Differently

We all have something that we struggle with, but it seems as if most people that I know struggle with one simple thing – receiving a compliment.  Many of us find it hard to accept a compliment from someone.  For many people, when we hear a compliment there is this little voice in the backContinue reading “Seeing Compliments Differently”

Building my home

“and half of learning to play is learning what not to play and she’s learning the spaces she leaves have their own things to say and she’s trying to sing just enough so that the air around her moves and make music like mercy that gives what it is and has nothing to prove sheContinue reading “Building my home”


Maybe it is because Chopped is the last thing I watch on Tuesday night, but I generally find myself inspired by something from the show. Last night was no different. This week the theme for all the baskets was wasted; they contained products that would normally be wasted and thrown away. This included things suchContinue reading “Wasted”

Finding my way to empty

It is always a confirmation for me when I am reading or learning something and realize I have been following those steps intuitively, not even realizing this was part of a process. The other day, for example, I found myself in a space of emotional pain because of something that had been said to meContinue reading “Finding my way to empty”

I was done the minute you said Bisquick

I was planning to take a few weeks away from writing as much so I could catch up on some other projects like grading for my 5-week summer intensive queer theory class. However, sometimes there are these priceless moments you just have to share, especially when the parties involved tell you they can see itContinue reading “I was done the minute you said Bisquick”

The Razor’s Edge

The journey to find the authentic self, the self you were created to be is not always easy.  It is as W. Somerset Maugham wrote about like the razor’s edge.  This novel, The Razor’s Edge tells the story of an American, Larry Darrell, who, traumatized by his experiences as a fighter pilot in World WarContinue reading “The Razor’s Edge”

Getting in touch with my Sara

  When I was born, my Bubby (Yiddish for grandmother) gave me the name Sara Bella. When I was older, she explained to me that it meant pure beauty or radiance and that I was born to be a beautiful princess and leader of people. As a young girl, that always made me smile andContinue reading “Getting in touch with my Sara”