Maybe it is because Chopped is the last thing I watch on Tuesday night, but I generally find myself inspired by something from the show. Last night was no different. This week the theme for all the baskets was wasted; they contained products that would normally be wasted and thrown away. This included things such as parmesan rinds, wilted carrots, potatoes with eyes, meat trimmings, etc. While I was impressed by some of what the cheftestants created, it was similar to a special the Food Network had created before where the team of Anne Burrell and Alex Guarnaschelli competed against Bobby Flay and Michael Simon. The show served two purposes. It was a documentary about the food wasted in our country because it does not fit the “appearance” standards of the American consumer. It was also a challenge to them to collect these “wasted” foods from farms, markets, and even the trash outside of grocery stores with which to prepare a gourmet meal.

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