Seeing Compliments Differently


We all have something that we struggle with, but it seems as if most people that I know struggle with one simple thing – receiving a compliment.  Many of us find it hard to accept a compliment from someone.  For many people, when we hear a compliment there is this little voice in the back of the head that negates the positive and affirming words that someone just shared with us.  We tend to pay little attention to the positive and affirming words of others, finding it much easier to unquestionably accept the criticisms of others.  For many, these criticisms seem to be affirmations of the belief that we are not worthy; that there is something inherently wrong with us.  Many of us have become experts at self-rejection.  We have come to the place where we believe that we are unworthy until proven otherwise, rather than believe that we are worthy and to question why others would criticize who we were created to be.

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