How big are your margins?


If your life was a piece of paper, how big would your margins be?  Would you have one inch margins all around your paper?  Inch and a half?  Two inches?  Or is your life so overflowing with stuff that you HAVE to do that you are not even sure you have any margins.  If you do, then maybe they are like 1/100 of an inch. 

As I have learned the hard way in my own life, some of us have gotten so used to living life without margins, that we do not even know what they are.  While we might like the idea of having more time and space in our life, we have no idea how to begin to function in a world where that might even be possible.  Some of us have lives that are so filled to the brim with stuff we have to do, especially this holiday season, that there is no room to squeeze anything or anybody else in. 


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