You are Worthy!



What are you worth?  A few years ago, I was reading this article about a man in Australia who had sold his entire life on eBay for slightly less than half a million dollars.  He was tired of his life, the way he was living it, and so decided to sell everything and start over.  Reading this story, it really made me think about how one decides what one is worth.  Just for fun, I did a web search to see what others were saying about how you determine your worth as a human being.  Sadly, I found a website called I went through the process because I wanted to see what questions they would ask and to get a sense of what they would tell me I am worth.  I never finished it, because they required information I was not willing to share (my name, address, email, phone, etc).  In the process, I did learn that I have an IQ of 142 ( and that I am smarter than 61.5% of people ( ).  While I found that information interesting, I don’t think it makes me worth more or less in this world then anyone else.

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