don Miguel Ruiz once said, “You know the word ‘Toltec’ means artist. When I talk about Toltec, I’m really talking about the entire humanity, because we all are artists. Even if we don’t have the awareness, we’re always creating. The biggest art that we humans create is a story – the story of ourselves,Continue reading “WHAT STORY ARE YOU CREATING?”

My life is worth something!

I so love how the universe works. I was just talking to a friend and reminding her that her life is of value. I talked with her about how if she focuses on that understanding it will help her move out of her depression. She has told herself that her life is worth nothing soContinue reading “My life is worth something!”

Have you been burglarized?

In the last month, two people I know have had their homes burglarized. Sadly, for both of them, this was not the first time, nor will it most likely be the last time. Fortunately, for both of them, they were unharmed and/or not home. However, they did lose possessions and one of them reported thatContinue reading “Have you been burglarized?”


  This past Wednesday I had the last of my four Reiki 1 classes and as with last week, it began with my teacher asking me to close my eyes and pick three cards. The three that I picked were Destiny, Wisdom, and Nonjudgmental. As with last week, she smiled and she said yes thoseContinue reading “DESTINY, WISDOM, AND NONJUDGMENTAL”

It’s Legendary

  Last night, my Reiki teacher brought some of her left overs to share with us after my attunement. So I brought out our leftovers as well. This included collard greens Chilean butternut squash, cauliflower with cheese sauce, cabbage casserole, macaroni and cheese, and salad. As things made it to the table, Maryanna expressed howContinue reading “It’s Legendary”

Close your eyes and __________

Wednesday was the 3rd of what will now be four lessons for Reiki 1. So after a celebratory birthday lunch for my teacher (I made “fried” chicken, collard greens, “mac” and cheese, and biscuits), we began our lesson. After blessing and sanctifying the space, she said close your eyes and using your left hand (notContinue reading “Close your eyes and __________”