Evolving, not Revolving


Dear Universal Consciousness,

I just wanted to thank you for reminding me what a difference an R can make. It made me think about the story I was once told about how the difference between evolving and revolving is an R. if I keep doing or believing the same thing repeatedly, then I am not evolving. It is as if I am trapped in one of those revolving doors, which I have often seen in a department store. I am just revolving through life and not evolving.

It is reassuring to remember that I do not have to believe in or agree to the same things for my entire life. As I grow and evolve, what I believe should also change. What I believe is in my mind. They only have power over me as long as I agree that they are true and give them power in my life. When I realize they no longer need to reside in my mind, I can say to them, “you are no longer true” and release them from my Book of Law.

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