February 2014 One Spirit Many Voices Newsletter

February 2014 One Spirit Many Voices Newsletter We have some amazing things happening in February, March, and April. Come read up on what’s new, see and read the artistic contributions of others, and print out your calendar of events for February! Remember this is your newsletter, so feel free to submit your expressions of spirit.

For me, Not to me

  Over the last few weeks, Zoe and I have experienced a few changes in our lives. Changes in the way our office is structured and organized, loss of a family member, change in eating choices, and other changes which have affected us, to varying degrees, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Some of the changesContinue reading “For me, Not to me”

M is for Marjoram

  The other day I was cooking preparing to make some pasta sauce and found myself out of oregano. When searching out a substitute, I was led to marjoram. In the process, I came to learn that they are of the same herbal family. Most everyday cooks have oregano or marjoram in their cabinets, notContinue reading “M is for Marjoram”

Don’t Make Assumptions

  My friend Jane, who I mention quite often in my gratitude journal and who inspired our affirmation card ministry, send me a funny story which is all about what happens when we make assumptions. This is her story. My friend, Ingrid, and I made these candleholders. We made 6 in total. They are putContinue reading “Don’t Make Assumptions”