I Can Whip Any Problem



I am so grateful for the Bitstrip image I created a few days ago that said, “When a problem comes along Sharon must whip it.” I wrote on the cartoon, “I can whip any problem.” This turned out to be so true this week. Each day this week has been an opportunity for me to put on my Wonder Woman outfit and walk in the fullness of my strength and courage. Some of the challenges were little things, like my Facebook page for Inspiritual disappearing for a few hours. Other things were a bit more challenging, such as learning how to be patient with Zoe’s family as they worked out the details for her Aunt Neeny’s funeral, then reworked them after the snowstorm, which closed down the cemetery. Then there were the little things like figuring out accessibility issues for me once we arrive in Long Island. In the midst of it all, my inner Wonder Woman showed up and showed out.

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