A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted the following on his Facebook page. “I’ve come into a higher CONSCIOUSNESS that to RELINQUISH and to SURRENDER are entirely two different things and I no longer want to GIVE UP…. I want to ACCEPT that I AM NOT IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING and ACCEPT thatContinue reading “BEING PLUGGED INTO SURRENDER”

Inspiritual Song of the Week

Inspiritual Song of the Week The reader who recommended this song wrote “it speaks to my mantra of LIVING THE WAY IT’S GIVEN…. MOMENT TO MOMENT.. DAY BY DAY…. internalizing how to BE PRESENT IN THE NOW…..EXPERIENCE THE NOW.. without the anticipation of THEN WHAATS TO COME!! not negating faith, BUT EXERCISING being GRATEFUL FORContinue reading “Inspiritual Song of the Week”

P is for Pomegranates

  I know I was supposed to write about a Q thing this week, but I had an epiphany the other day while taking a 15-minute break and found myself in a quandary over whether to pay attention to my new P inspiration, my Q inspiration or write about both my P and my Q.Continue reading “P is for Pomegranates”