You are Worthy



This is my second time in six months to feel the need to reflect on this statement. I wrote about this in September 2013 in a blog by the same name – You are worthy. You are worthy. It is such a simple statement. Nothing complex, just three simple words – You are worthy. Yet, when I speak these words to others, I see such a powerful emotional response. It saddens me that simple expressions such as “You are loved” or “You are worthy” have the power to bring tears to people’s eyes. A simple truth “You are worthy” can help people remember that they are worthy and worthy of being loved.

The Ultimate Consciousness wants nothing more for us then for us to know we were created in the image of the Divine, which is love. God wants nothing more then for us to know we are worthy of peace and joy in our lives. So why is it that we seem to work so hard to convince the Divine and others that we do not deserve the unconditional love from which we were created.

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