April 2014 One Spirit, Many Voices newsletter

April 2014 One Spirit, Many Voices newsletter I know we are a day early — lol — however, the April 2014 issue of One Spirit, Many Voices is now available for download at http://inspiritual.biz/newsletters/ Enjoy the contributions of so many and remember you are welcome to submit work as well — this is your newsletter. The deadlineContinue reading “April 2014 One Spirit, Many Voices newsletter”

Unfinished business

As I wrote about in my reflection for the April 2014 issue of One Spirit, Many Voices newsletter, “Acknowledgment can be used in two ways. One is the “acceptance of the truth or existence of something.” The other is the “action of expressing or displaying gratitude or appreciation for something.” Both are important in theContinue reading “Unfinished business”


I don’t know who said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So this image is not so much a picture, but it really spoke to my spirit this morning. It reminded me of a few other lessons I try to incorporate in my life. One being HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, or tired). If I amContinue reading “Before”