Sharing is Caring

  So as you know I have a routine spiritual practice each day, but periodically, I feel led to draw a card from one of my decks for inspiration and meditation. This morning, I drew the Queen of Fire from the Osho Zen Tarot deck. This card came bearing the message that I have soContinue reading “Sharing is Caring”

“It is only thr…

“It is only through silent awareness that our physical and mental nature can change. This change is completely spontaneous. If we make an effort to change, we do no more than shift our attention from one level, from one thing, to another. We remain in a vicious circle. This only transfers energy from one pointContinue reading ““It is only thr…”

R is for Roslyn Kamin Jacobson

  If you have been keeping up with my working my way through the alphabet, you know I just wrote my R blog last week (R is for Risotto). Today, however, was my mother’s birthday. She left this world in 2001 and is the one who in numerous ways fed my love of cooking andContinue reading “R is for Roslyn Kamin Jacobson”

“Most scientist…

“Most scientists assume that life can only exist in physical life form. They send spaceships to other planets, looking for signs of physical life, not considering that life “may” also exist as energy or etheric form. Based on clairvoyant investigation, life also exists in etheric (energy) form; there are etheric beings of different degrees ofContinue reading ““Most scientist…”

Are you poisoning yourself?

  About 3 years ago, I wrote a piece called No more poison!. In it, I reflected on something don Miguel Ruiz said in his book The Four Agreements. He wrote, “Taking things personally makes you prey for predators. They can hook your attention with one little opinion, and feed you whatever poison they want. Refuse toContinue reading “Are you poisoning yourself?”

“The ego isn’t …

“The ego isn’t actually an entity. Rather, it is the sense of being a separate individual. We feel like individuals, although we are in actuality manifestations, or expressions, of One Being…Encased in this human body, we have lost awareness of our true nature and are meant to rediscover the truth.” Gina Lake