This month, is all about opening ourselves up to the spiritual practice of openness. I would like to say that I am an open person, but the more I have been reflecting on openness, the more I have come to realize that every moment of my life I am either opening or closing something. Every moment that I am waiting on something to happen, I am closing myself off to what is happening in that moment. When I am giving what I most desire to give, when I am living from the depth of my being, then I am opening myself up the entire moment. I cannot be open to receiving what I am desiring when I am closed to it’s arrival. Nothing in life can be open and closed at the same time.

There was a song I used to listen to in the 70’s by Meg Christian. She would talk about how we so often spend time waiting for X to happen thinking that was going to make us ok. When we are waiting for X to happen for us to be happy, we have actually closed ourselves up to the happiness we could be experiencing in this very moment. How often do we forget that every moment is the most important moment in our lives? Are we spending that moment open and loving or closed and hanging a sign that says not accepting deliveries? Love and joy cannot be brought into our lives when we are not open to experiencing them.

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