January 19, 2017

So often, when I hear people talk about going on a quest, they talk about going to remote places or off into the wilderness. However, one can stay in one’s own backyard or neighborhood and engage on a time of questing. Although I am no longer able to “walk” the labyrinth, I do finger labyrinths and find other ways of engaging in “walking” time with the Divine.

For many walking the labyrinth is a time of prayer. With each step one takes on the labyrinth one is both walking with and towards a deeper relationship with their Higher Power. Just as there is no one place to go to engage in a quest, there is no one way to walk the labyrinth. Some people I know have a prayer they speak softly or silently as they walk the path. Others have walked with a question and allowing each step to open themselves up to hearing the answer to their question or some sort of insight into the direction they should be going. There is no right way to walk the labyrinth and there is no right way to experience it. We are never the same person twice, so even when though you may walk the same labyrinth every week, that experience will never be the same as you are not the same.

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