re missing out on something amazing. You can use them to cook on the grill, stovetop, microwave, oven and broiler. you can also put them in the freezer, store them in the refrigerator and put them in the dishwasher. Now that we also have a slow cooker stand, you can also put start a dish off on the stove, to brown meat, and then put in the stand to slow cook all day. Then take it out of the stand and put on table to serve.

I think one of the reasons I love my Rockcrok is that it is like faith. Our faith gets us through all kinds of challenges in our life and enables us to see the light and the blessings even when we are feeling the heat that is making life challenging at the moment. Our faith, like the ceramic the Rockcroks’s are made of, allows us to withstand and stay strong no matter what the heat source or the degrees of heat. Our faith gets us through.

Our faith is not anything fancy, it just is. The Rockcrok’s are not much to look at, just plain black ceramic, but what you can create on them and in them is amazing. What our faith brings us through is also amazing.

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