Over the last several years I have had the blessing of meeting, or at least chatting, with so many people who have expressed how the meditations of my heart have resonated with their spirits and touched their life. Recently, I have heard from a few more people then I normally do. They have told me how they have shared what I have written with others, who have read my writings and now yearn to get to know me better, like a young woman named Melissa. What I have come to realize is that there is something she feels in my writings which is her golden shadow.  She has all the gifts, talents and abilities within her that she yearns for, through her relationship with me. She has yet to embrace and embody them.

I so understand that feeling because there are numerous writers and speakers whose work I have admired from afar. It is not that I wanted to be them. But I admired what they had and I wanted that. I wanted that thing I saw in them that I could not see within myself. That is what I yearned for, not to be them, but to have the talent for conveying their wisdom in a way that I had not yet believed I could.

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