This time of year, well anytime of year, I enjoy sipping on a cup of tea. On those cold days, I love sipping on a hot cup of tea and feeling the heat from the cup warm me up inside and out. During the summer, however, I look forward to a tall cup of iced tea. Maybe that is why June was chosen as National Iced Tea Month.

A friend of mine once told me that iced tea was created by accident at the 1904 St Louis World’s Fair. It seems a vendor was trying to sell hot tea on a hot day. People wanted something cool, not hot, so he iced it down and it became a hit. Other food scholars suggest that people were writing about iced tea in cookbooks dating back to 1842. Regardless of how it came to be, it is now something people around the world enjoy drinking on hot summer days.

How we prepare it can differ from person to person. For example, my wife loves her iced tea two ways. One already prepared and prepackaged in bottles (and yes there is a specific brand). The other is when I put her iced tea mix in our Family Size Quick Stir Pitcher and stir it up for her. I on the other hand, go back to what I call real tea (actual leaves) and let it brew and then chill and serve over ice. Most recently I have begun using our new Cold Brew Pitcher to make batches of cold brew tea which while it takes a bit longer tastes amazing and keeps me going back for more.

Our different ways of “preparing” tea remind me of how some people want their relationships with their Higher Power to develop. Some just want to have a conversation with their Higher Power and think it is done, kind of like the Quick Stir approach. Others seem to have more of a Cold Brew approach. They realize that any phase of their journey takes time and they must be patient while everything is revealed and unfolded.

There are times in our lives where the answers to our prayers will come to us instantaneously. However, there are other times where we must be patient, loving and gentle with ourselves as we

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