October 12, 2018

My longings, my yearnings
Are my compass,
They guide me,
Direct me, and
Lead me through life.

They make no promises,
The path is not always easy,
But it is mine.

It is that which I desire
It is that which I ask for,
When I allow God to order my steps.

It is when I keep walking
In faith
When I keep stepping forward
Towards that which I long for,
That which I yearn for,
That the path is revealed.

I listen to the yearnings
Which come from within,
Which bring me to where
I am supposed to be
To the place the Ultimate is calling me.

This is what directs me,
Leads me,
Guides me,
And brings me
To that place of yearning and desire
That place of intimacy
With the one who is my eternal compass.


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