A friend of mine gives me a hard time about my ability to see life and spiritual lessons in just about everything. As I was thinking about our Grilling Tool Set, I thought how awesome it would be if I could store all my spiritual tools in one place. Many of them are stored within me, but others have found their home in meditation room which contains my books, music, a futon for friends and clients to sit on and my altar which contains all the things which help bring me peace and ground my environment. Yet I do not have a way to put all of them in a tote and bring them with me.

Our Grilling Tool Set allows those who enjoy grilling to tote their tools, cook, and clean up without the stress of wondering if they have all the tools they need. The set includes Grill Tongs, Grill Spatula, Grill Basting Brush, Wooden Grill Scraper, and of course the Grilling Tool Bag.

Each piece plays its own role, including the Grilling Tool Bag. When you first look at, it appears like a fairly simplistic bag. However, as you explore it you begin to see that there is a functionality to the bag that transcends carrying tools. It has five pockets to carry the grilling essentials. However, it also has a mesh pocket where you can store other things you might need, such as spices, silverware and a thermometer to check the temperature of the meet you are grilling. One of the qualities I love is that it is machine washable. During the process of grilling, the tools can get dirty and there is not always a place to wash them before having to repack them, so being able to wash the Grilling Tool Bag once you get back home is a blessing. We all need safe places to store our tools, however, it is also nice to know we can easily keep them clean.

I love each of the tools for different reasons. Each of the tools is at least 16 ¼” in length. The length helps each tool do what it is supposed to do while keeping your hands away from the heat. There are tools I have in my spiritual toolbox which have helped me turn situations, or at least my perception of them around, so I did not cause myself or others any harm.

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