Are you in peace?
Peace within is
about creating and claiming
that Sabbath space
in our own being.

Sometimes we need to stop and
rest in our own being.
We need to connect with the
peace within.

When we are not connected to the
peace within,
how can we meet others
who have found the
peace within.

How can we see mystery
in everyday life;
or see the mystery of life
in the plants which surround us;
or see the teachings
embedded in the elements which surround us
or see the treasures
in humanity when we are not in touch with
the peace within.

It is in that peace,
that peace within,
when we have eyes that can see,
ears that can hear, and
senses which are in tune
with the vibrations of the Divine.

This season,
and year-round,
may we take time to experience the
peace within.
What a great gift
we give to ourselves
and the world
when we all experience the
peace within.

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