Twas the night before Christmas
and the story talks about all the
creations in the house.
All of creation has always been
a part of the story.

We are to honor the
all of creation,
that which we garden
that found in nature,
including all kinds of

We are to keep them
in our prayers,
to treat them with reverence,
to honor them,
to remember that they too
are creations of the Utmost one.
It is easy to honor those we value
and love.
It is easy to honor those who are
cute and cuddly,
those that are attractive and
whose beauty catches our eyes.

However, what about those like the snail,
the vole,
the weeds,
the creations of the Divine
we would like to forget
we are to care for and about

May we remember to
honor all of creation, and
pray that all of creation
Honor us


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