What do Grilled Basil, Spinach & Honey Pizza, Beef & Mushroom Sliders, Skinny Caesar Salad With Grilled Romaine, and Grilled Chicken & Pepper Party Sandwiches have in common? Simple they are just four of a wide variety of recipes you can make on our Nonstick Double Burner Grill Pan. I had two options this week. I could talk to you about some of our nylon cookware or our nonstick double grill or griddle, so I went with my favorite, the Nonstick Double Grill Pan.

As many of you know I have a hectic life balancing three jobs, time with Zoe, time with the Ultimate and time for me. I need cookware that I can trust and is going to make meal prep easier for me. That is in part what this piece of cookware does.  I have spent less time cleaning this cookware than I did cooking in it. In part it is because of the 4 layer surface treatment which allows food to wipe off and unlike other nonstick cookware, this is also dishwasher safe. Another thing I love is that I do not have to be intentional about grabbing the nylon utensils as the construction of these pans allows me to use metal utensils and not worry about scratching them. The other thing I appreciate is that the flat bottom allows for even and consistent cooking. Of course, I love the lifetime guarantee, although I doubt I will ever be using it.

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