If you are looking for a product that will steal your heart, then our new quick cooker it is. In all honestly, it was one of those products I looked at suspiciously until I tried it and then I was hooked.  There is something about quick and cooking which is both appealing and questionable at the same time. However, what allows the food to cook quickly is the use of pressure which reduces the amount of time needed to cook a product while at the same time producing amazing results. Pampered Chef has reported on studies which show that food cooked in a pressure cooker retain more nutrients than other cooking methods. It also reduces energy consumption. These are all great reasons to consider using the Quick Cooker for food preparation

This seems to be true of life in general as well. I and several of my friends have been through some high pressure situations in our lives recently. What we have all shared with each other is that the pressure has helped each of us to become more spiritual, faithful, and compassionate. We have learned to focus our energies on those things which matter the most, not on things that would further drain us of our energy.

The Quick Cooker has 16 different functions and a 6 quart capacity. It can solve the problem when you have forgotten to defrost whatever protein was on the dinner menu. It can bake bread, steam hard boiled eggs, and like some superhero seem to bring amazing and flavorful meals together in no time, like in a single bound.

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