God’s plan for our lives,
is not always ours,
well truth be known it rarely is.
See God this way of bringing

people and situations into our lives
which we would often times prefer
were not the answer
to our prayers.

God’s plan for our life
is not about what we want
for our lives
but what are going to help us
develop a deeper relationship with God.

It might be the person who
gets on your last nerve, or
having to wait 3 ½ hours for a ride home,
when you cannot drive, or
that situation which makes you
want to have a meltdown at Walmart, or
you can fill in your own blank,

God’s plan is not about what we want
or who we want to interact with.
God’s plan is about us and
removing the obstacles which
are blocking us from our own
evolution and deepening
relationship with God.
This is God’s plan for us.
Growing closer to the
Divine who lives in us and
guides us through our lives.
This is God’s plan.

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