Three Onion Rub is more than a few of my customer’s favorite rubs and is a staple in their homes. Besides which, at $6 a bottle, it is easily affordable. So it was easy to pick this product as one of the many products we carry starting with a T.

What many people do not know is that our pantry products are exclusive eto the Pampered Chef and designed in our Test Kitchens at our Home Office. It is a blend of red onion, yellow onion, and onion powder.  Three kinds of onions which live harmoniously in one bottle, each bringing their unique flavors and gifts to the table. Not only that but if you somehow run out of onions, which I have managed to do, you can use three tablespoons of Three Onion Rub to replace one medium onion.

Did you know that our tasty spice rubs & blends are kosher & gluten free?What I love most is the simple lesson it teaches me. If we allow ourselves to open ourselves up we can be like any one of the three onions and work together in perfect harmony. It is a reminder that a diverse group of people (onions) can come together to create something even greater then themselves. We each have a purpose in life. However, we also have the opportunity to work together with others to make this world a better place. Our Three Onion rub can do that to your food and we can do that as human beings.

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