My Bubby would say,
when you can see the blessing
in any situation,
then you will be okay.
She taught me
what I looked for
I would find.
If I looked for problems
I would find them
if I looked for gifts and blessings
I would find them


The more I look for something
the more of it I will find.
The one little problem
will become a huge field of them.
The smallest of blessings
will lead to a path of growth and evolution.


What I look for in life
is what I will find.

What if you saw each “problem”
as a teacher,
as a gift
which was bringing you closer
to your Higher Power


What if life was filled
with nothing but
opportunities for
growth and evolution.
What if we cannot see them
because we let our ego
blur our vision.
Today let us give thanks
in all circumstances and
work to see the blessings and gifts
in all life brings our way.

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