When I was a kid we would play a game to build our vocabulary. I remember V being for vegetables and victory and a few other words. It was fun to be able to say that V is for V shaped. I love the shape of our V-Shaped Baking Pan Set for a few reasons. One being that it helps me make healthy snacks for my family, which is a challenge. It is going to also be making one of what Zoe calls junk food night, “taco night” fresher and easier. I can even use it to make some fresh and easy to make desserts. With my busy schedule, anything which  can make my life easier and help me get fresh and healthy food on the table is a blessing.

My wife is a chip addict. So I love that in minutes I can make her fresh potato chips and if I am feeling risky, I can try getting her to eat some homemade fruit and vegetable chips. What I love about this new set is that it lets me bake twice as many ships as I could on a sheet pan. So now I can make tortilla and potato chips on demand, well with some notice at least. LOL As long as I have potatoes and tortillas in the house I can make chips.

What I am looking forward to trying next is making dessert tacos with pie crust and my favorite fillings. The more I look at these pans, the more I realize that what I can create with this pan is limited by my own imagination.

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