You left the light on.
The water is still dripping.
Are you going to throw that away?
How often do we forget
to be mindful
about our environment
and our resources.

I am one who gets distracted
and forgets to shut the light off
I leave the water running
from time to time.
I do not always treat the environment
with kindness, dignity, and respect.

Being mindful means
I have to be present
when eating and
experience the aroma,
and taste
of my food.
It means I am mindful
of my utilities and when
and why I am using them
it means I honor that which
is in my home and
regift it when I no longer
appreciate its value

Being mindful brings me
closer to a place of that
amazing peace,
because I am seeing and
honoring the Divine in all.

Because of this,
I am going to work on
being mindful
and honoring all.

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