That was not what I wanted to hear
It was not what I wanted to happen,
It was one of those moments
that made me want to avoid it,
run away, hide, and pretend it
does not exist.

However, what I have learned is to
embrace the moment.
Good or bad, I have to
embrace the moment.
Whether I want to or not,
it is through embracing the moment
that I grow, evolve, and transform.

Sometimes we think something
is the worst thing that could happen
in our lives, but the worst thing is not
embracing the moment.
There is a blessing in the hardest of moments,
like when I lost the feeling in my leg,
lost part of my vision,
lost my paratransit services
lost ___________________.
However, when I embraced all of that
I found peace, power, strength, and grace.
Whatever you encounter,
embrace the moment,
and give thanks for the blessings
and the lessons.

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