There are some things that every home cook, and chef, should know about and that is seasoning. For those of you who are new to my blog, there are two things you will learn. One is that I am a food show junkie. The other is that for me everything has a lesson about living life in a more spiritual and loving way. Seasoning my food is just one more lesson in my life.

Amongst my favorite shows, which I now watch on YouTube are MasterChef, Chopped, and MasterChef Professional for various reasons. One thing they have all taught me is the importance of seasoning every level. You don’t just season the breading on fried chicken, you season the chicken as well. As Gordon Ramsey let Season 10 contestants know you season the ground beef before you make the burgers as well as on the outside.  Don’t over salt your burgers though because there is salt in the cheese as well, if you are having cheese on your burger. The key lesson is to season inside and out.

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