When I think about traveling,
I think about planes, trains, and automobiles.
I think about leaving and arriving.
I think about new people, places and things.
I do not think about staying still.

Life, however, is an ever-changing landscape.
Nothing in our lives is exactly the same.
It is, as Alice Walker would say,
never the same river twice.
Our bodies,
our minds,
our souls,
the air we breathe,
nothing is ever the same,
we are and live in
an ever-changing landscape.

We travel through the seasons,
through the years of our life,
through the ups and downs,
through the losses and celebrations,
through changes in jobs,
relationships, and so much more.

We live in a constant state of travel,
earning frequent flyer miles of
experience and wisdom as we
travel through the
ever-changing landscape of life.

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