When I know what to do,
I do it.
When I know where to go,
I go there.
When I think I know the answers,
I forget who is helping me.

It is when I don’t know what to do,
that I work the hardest,
and dig the deepest into my soul.
it is when I am feeling lost
and without direction
that I realize who my GPS “
has been in my life.

We know what we know
because the Divine has
taught us,
nurtured us,
guided us, and
provided for us.

We have gotten this far
because God has been with us,
guiding us,
directing us,
protecting us,
and transforming us.

Our growth in life happens when
we get out of the way and
let God guide us,
direct us,
teach us, and
transform us.
God lets us think we are growing
until we are ready to be humbled and
remember our understandings are not God’s.
God lets us think we are driving
until we are lost and
need God’s Protection System (GPS)
This has given new meaning to
Lost and Found

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