I used to want to be an expert,
however, I realized I was less open
to learning.
Now I work at
staying a beginner

This mindset is not easy.
It  means I drop my expectations
preconceived ideas and
anything I believe an experience
will be like.

What if we approached everyone,
and every situation
as if it were brand new.

What if we paid attention
to all the details, the textures
and sights?
What if we approached everything
with wonder?

Would I experience disappointment
or frustration?
How could I if I had released all my
assumptions about how something would be,
my fantasies, and my preconceived ideas?

Would I struggle with relationships
if I remembered they are just like me?
What if I remembered to see everyone
with fresh eyes?
What if I remembered that
even when our intentions are different
they are good?

Would I procrastinate less
or experience less anxiety
because I am not worried about
whether I will succeed or not
or how hard it might be.
What if I focused on what
a new experience this might be?

What if I let go of what I think I know
and lived life with a beginner’s mind.

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