Black magic is not just about
the spells others may place on us
or say they have.
It is about the negative energy
and spells we cast on ourselves.

Black magic is about
the toxic negativity,
the words and thoughts
of self doubt,
and anything that is

We are the most powerful
practicers of black magic, however,
we can practice
white magic instead.
We can focus on positivity,
radiating love to all,
even if from a distance.

We can undo the negativity
we have thought about ourselves
We can speak goodness and light
about ourselves.
We can speak truth in love.
We can focus on love and light.
We can begin all actions with
a positive intent.

We are our own magicians
what we practice
what we project
is about us.
May we focus on the magic of
love, light and goodness.

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