Consistency compounds, this message rings in my head. It reminds me to be consistent in the performance of my spiritual practices. So every day I take time to think and reflect on my  thought for the day and then I write in my gratitude journal, inspiration journal, and intention journal It is no longer somethingContinue reading “CONSISTENCY COMPOUNDS”


This holiday season we give to others, to organizations, but rarely to ourselves. This year I am giving to myself. This year I am giving the gift of forgiveness. I am letting go of anger, jealousy resentment, and any other negative and toxic emotion in my body. I am giving myself the power to healContinue reading “GIFTING MYSELF”


We all fantasize, but how many of us fantasize about being of greater service to the one we call our Higher Power What do you fantasize about? Is it about fighting for equality amongst all of humanity? Or is it about working to bring about world peace? Perhaps it is about practicing patience or compassionContinue reading “FANTASY”