It is so easy
to point the finger at others
and blame them
for the condition
of my life, however
it is not their fault.

When I blame others,
it means I am giving away
my power,
my honesty,
my integrity
and my spiritual wealth.

it means I am giving away
the opportunities for me to grow,
to evolve,
to transform
and to take responsibility
for my own life

I may not be able to change
the legacy I inherited,
however, I can create the life
I choose to live.
I begin by taking responsibility
and not blaming others

What I have done
or not done in my life
is about me
not you.
What you have done
in your life is about you.
How I respond to it
and what I do with it is about me

if I do not like my life
then I cannot blame you.
I have to accept
and then be responsible
for doing what I can
to transform my dreams
and my realities

So when I hear myself blaming others
I need to stop and
focus on my own life
and begin to be the change
I want to see in my life
and in my world.

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