When I think of
I tend to think of
with another person’s sorrow,
disappointment, and
I think of tasting the salt
in someone else’s tears

Empathy is
about oneness between us.
It means I can feel with you
and be in oneness with you
in good times and bad
I can taste the sweetness
in your joy as well as
the salt in your tears.

Empathy is
about me journeying with you
and thinking about when I was
in that place or situation
and how it felt.

Empathy is
about the intimacy between us
and between us and the Divine
which connect us.
it is about knowing
someone is with us
in good times and bad

Empathy is
about sharing
about caring
about being intimate

about allowing the Divine in me

to connect with the Divine in you.

Empathy is
about us connecting
as one
in good times and bad
because we care
and know we are
both images of the Divine.

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