Consistency compounds,
this message rings in my head.
It reminds me to be consistent
in the performance of my
spiritual practices.
So every day I take time to think
and reflect on
my  thought for the day
and then I write in my gratitude journal,
inspiration journal,
and intention journal

It is no longer something
I think about doing,
it is something I just do.
It is like breathing
or brushing my teeth.
It no longer is about me
being intentional about doing it.
It is about me feeling
like I am missing something
when I do not.

Consistency compounds in my life.
The blessings compound
the growth compounds.
the understanding compounds
and the testimony I offer to others

There is a blessing in the
The doing the same thing
over and over,
but knowing the blessings
of consistently working
at being more in tune with
the Ultimate
continues to help me
grow and evolve.
All because
consistency compounds

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