As many of you who follow us on a regular basis know, the next few years we are focusing on a different spiritual practice each month. September is the month of forgiveness. While I have always known it to be a spiritual practice, I did not realize that there days that were set aside toContinue reading “POULTICE OF SELF-LOVE”


I recently read this quote from Desmond Tutu in Victor Chan’s book The Wisdom of Forgiveness. It was written, In our country, we speak of something called ubuuntu. When I want to praise you, the highest praise I can give you is to say, you have ubuuntu — this person has what it takes to beContinue reading “UBUUNTU”


When I told a friend, this is what I was going to title my blog, she suggested I rethink it as I might offend a few people. Although I could not find an official definition of juicy people anywhere, I found numerous references to them as those people who are photographed wearing outfits that makeContinue reading “ARE YOU JUICY?”