February 18, 2019


Fear can eat away
at who we are
and what we believe.
It can slowly eat away
at our heart and soul
as if we are dying inside


Faith can set us free
from the fears
the world tries to feed us
so face them
and rise
instead of die.



February 11, 2019

“I celebrate myself,”
The poet Walt Whitman wrote.
Are you celebrating yourself?
What if you celebrated
all of you,
your achievements,
your experiences, and
your existence.

How would you look at yourself
if you were celebrating
all of who you are?

Would you be saying
I am God’s beloved
I know God is pleased with me
Would you know you are good?
Would you stand in front of yourself and say
“I celebrate myself.”


February 4, 2019

I can’t shake your hand,
when it is in a fist.
I can’t hug you,
when your arms are not open.
I can’t love you,
when your heart is closed.
Nor can you love me
when I am not open.

May we open our hearts,
our minds, and
our souls
to being loved.
May we open our fists
to shake hands.
May we open ourselves
to receiving a hug. May we open ourselves
to the generosity and support
of others.


January 28, 2019

Sometimes we think it is all about us
but there is so much more.
We may not see the effect.
we may not feel it
We may not taste it
or touch it
or even sense it
but it is there.

We call it the ripple effect,
the butterfly effect
it is about us recognizing
how every action
creates a series of reactions
which create effects
we may never be aware of.

We think we do not matter,
but we do.
We forget we are part of
something bigger than ourselves
but we are.
Everything we do,
or do not do,
has an effect on the world around us.

We are part of
something bigger,
something more powerful,
something more connected
then we sometimes realize.
Just because we may not see it,
or be aware of it
does not mean it does not exist.
This is why we must be mindful
of all that we say,
do and
as it all has an


January 21, 2019

Sometimes when I pray,
I wish I could forget
my personal agenda,
my list of what I think I need.

I wish I could lay
it all down
and focus on trusting
the one to whom I am

If I trust you
when I am praying
then I remember
you know what is best,
not me.

Today I release the conflict
I free myself of the confusion
between what I want and
what you want for me.

I thank you for knowing
what I need,
and knowing that I do not
always know best
even when I think I do.
So thank you for not always
listening me while I


January 14, 2019

What do you see,
when you look at me?
Do you see my skin color,
my weight,
my wheelchair,
my sex,
my age, or
do you see more?
Do you see
the Divine in me,
do you see me as a
Divine original?
Do you see the grace,
compassion of
the Divine?

When I look at you
what do you want me to see?
Learning to see the
Sacred in everyone
is a practice,
a gift,
a way of being able to see
God’s presence on earth.
May we practice seeing
the Divine in each other, as
we use each other as mirrors,
which reflect the goodness and
beauty of the Infinite.


January 7, 2019

I was five
and saw this woman
who I told my Bubby
was so ugly.
She is beautiful
in God’s eyes.
She is a creation
of the divine,
she said.

Beauty is not
in the eyes of
the beholder
Beauty is in
the wisdom of
the creator

You look like a whale
the little boy said.
Thank you, for seeing,
the grace in all of
God’s creations,
I replied

Beauty is not about
what we have been
told is beauty.
Beauty is about
the ability to
see the Divine
in all of creation.

Today may we
seek the beauty
in all
May we remember
we are all created
in the image of God.


January 1, 2019

It’s a new year.
A time where we
resolve to make changes
and undergo a

It is about going from
empty to full,
like when you fill a gas tank.

It is about transforming
a situation through actions
that minister to your soul

It is about seeing situations
and people through
a new perspective and
transforming the way
we see them and the world

It is about the simple acts
which remind you of
It’s about me recharging the battery
on my wheelchair
reminding me
that the need to stay full
is ongoing.
Transformation is not
about a one time occurrence;
it is ongoing.

It is about getting sleep,
taking a sabbath
being aware of the
empty spaces
so we can renew our minds,
our bodies, and
our souls

It is about constantly
being in tune with those
signs which let us know
we are running low
in some area of our life.

Then we can stop, readjust,
recharge, and
be transformed


December 28, 2018

Twas the night before Christmas
and the story talks about all the
creations in the house.
All of creation has always been
a part of the story.

We are to honor the
all of creation,
that which we garden
that found in nature,
including all kinds of

We are to keep them
in our prayers,
to treat them with reverence,
to honor them,
to remember that they too
are creations of the Utmost one.
It is easy to honor those we value
and love.
It is easy to honor those who are
cute and cuddly,
those that are attractive and
whose beauty catches our eyes.

However, what about those like the snail,
the vole,
the weeds,
the creations of the Divine
we would like to forget
we are to care for and about

May we remember to
honor all of creation, and
pray that all of creation
Honor us



December 25, 2018

Are you in peace?
Peace within is
about creating and claiming
that Sabbath space
in our own being.

Sometimes we need to stop and
rest in our own being.
We need to connect with the
peace within.

When we are not connected to the
peace within,
how can we meet others
who have found the
peace within.

How can we see mystery
in everyday life;
or see the mystery of life
in the plants which surround us;
or see the teachings
embedded in the elements which surround us
or see the treasures
in humanity when we are not in touch with
the peace within.

It is in that peace,
that peace within,
when we have eyes that can see,
ears that can hear, and
senses which are in tune
with the vibrations of the Divine.

This season,
and year-round,
may we take time to experience the
peace within.
What a great gift
we give to ourselves
and the world
when we all experience the
peace within.