As I called a friend to sing her Happy Birthday I remembered why rituals are so important. Rituals are like a thread. They connect us to our past, enrich our present, and tie us to the future. Rituals bring us together, they help us celebrate who we are, what we believe, where we come from,Continue reading “RITUALS”


There is not a day that goes by that something in our lives does not die. Sometimes it is people, or our furbabies, a situation, a relationship, or a belief. We may like to believe that life and death are separate, but they are like partners in a a dance. Death touches our lives sometimesContinue reading “LEARNING FROM DEATH”


There is nothing wrong with failure. Failure means I tried I learned something I am wiser I am clearer about what success looks like to me. Failure means I am alive. I am participating, I am engaging, I am learning. I am involved, and I am helping to bring ab out change. Failure means IContinue reading “FAILURE”