December 11, 2018

When we know what is coming,
we know what to do.
If it’s going to rain,
we grab an umbrella
If it’s going to snow,
we put on our boots
We know what is coming
and so we prepare ourselves
for what is to come

However, there are times when
we are not prepared.
We are in the rain
without an umbrella.
We are in the snow
without apparel to keep
us warm and dry.
We do not what is coming
so we are unable to prepare
for what is to come

Then the rain
becomes our umbrella
the snow
becomes our protective clothing.
We learn in the midst
of the moment
to deal with
what is happening,
We find the strength within
and from our Eternal
to make it through
what is happening
in this very moment.



December 4, 2018

Prayer is not just the words we utter,
It Is also the deeds.
it is the way we walk through life
it is the way we interact with the world
it is the reverence we bring
into our words and deeds.
it is about our awareness,
our ability to see the Divine
to hear the needs and cries of others
it is about our ability to sense God and
the people of God in the world
It is about us knowing God in ourselves
and others


November 26, 2018

It was decades ago
when she left three little pieces of paper
on my treadmill that said

They still are with me
in my drawer.
They are sacred, holy and
a paper tabernacle
holding the gift of love
from the one who loves me

Her notes are not alone.
They are accompanied
by sacred notes from others
gifts of sacred love from others

Through writing we can express
our intimacy,
our friendship,
our love,
what others mean to us.
Our letters have the potential
to become someone’s
paper tabernacle

A holy space
where the sacred gift of love is stored
where one keeps reminders of what one means,
the friendship we share,
the intimate moments,
which bond us together.

They are more than just pieces of paper.
They are sacred and holy.
They are paper tabernacles.


November 23, 2018

Twas the night before Thanksgiving

and all through the house, not a creature was stirring

not even our cat, but I could not sleep.

Then the news came via Facebook posts

one more friend had passed away

one more loss

one more heartache

one more wave of pain and sadness.

Grieving is not easy

it hurts

it angers

it is never the same

it goes away

when it is ready

Grieving is not easy.

You have to be brave

to feel the pain

to feel the emotions

to not stuff it or

try to medicate it, but

just to stand brave

as the waves of grief

wash over and through you.

When we are lucky, it is that one loss

but sometimes the losses are many

and the pain feels crippling,

but even then we put on our armor

and be brave, as we

fight through the emotions,

letting them crash on us and over us

and know that we are stronger then

all the waves of grief

Then one day we are standing

and there is a calm

and the waves are gone

and we are not quite sure

how we made it through

But we did because

We are brave

And then we give thanks

for bringing us through

for having the strength

to be brave in the grief.

Inspiritual Reflections

November 23, 2018

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November 19, 2018

How do I know what I know
I know because others taught me.

I learned from
the people I have met
those who have loved me
and those who have not.

I learned from the
cats, dogs, hamsters,
and other animals
which have come into my life.

I learned from those
who strove to teach me
and those who did not

I learned from those who
provided opportunities
to grow,
to experience
to appreciate
and to honor.

I learned from those
who were hateful
and harmful

In all this I found
that priceless gift
which has blessed me.
So today I bless those
who have shown me wisdom.
I bless those who have helped me
deepen my relationship
with the world
I bless all who have brought me wisdom


November 13, 2018

Change the world,
start at home
that is what HGTV says.
This reminds me
to see myself
to understand myself
to get in touch with my own
deep and innermost mysteries

How can I begin to understand
the one I call the Ultimate
if I have not yet opened myself
to seeing the invisible in myself,
or the mysteries within myself

The journey to the
deeper mysteries of the Divine
begin with me exploring
the mysteries within myself.
If I want to connect on a deeper level

With the divine,
I must remember the wisdom
of HGTV and start at home.


November 5, 2018

It dropped.
It fell.
it was not about
being intentional or not
it just was.

It was just a thing
or was it more.
Was it symbolic of
the Holy
in everyday life.

Pick it up,
kiss it and apologize
Salmon Rushdie would say.
apologize for the
disrespectful way
you treated it

What if we did that
all the time.
What if we kissed all things
to see the holiness
in everyday life.

What if we treated
all of life
all of humanity
all objects
with dignity and


October 22, 2018

Take some downtime
Take a day off
Words I hear from
Those who love me.

Not everyone has a life
which allows them take
A one day sabbath,
so we improvise
and find the sabbath moments
in everyday life.

Sitting in the shower
Time in the waiting room
time being transported to and from
time when I can’t do anything
so I sit and be still
and listen
to the voice from within

Then I write.
I write prose
words that came to me in the silence

isn’t always a day
sometimes it is those moments
the use of your downtime
To replenish your soul

Be the Change

October 16, 2018

New Poem! Be the Change