September 9, 2019

Oops, they did it again.
This person once again
did not live up to my expectations.
Once again I found myself frustrated
and not wanting to have anything
to do with them.
Then I remembered this is about me
and my expectations.
They never agreed to them,
I just expected them to do so.

Perhaps more importantly
I was allowing this one thing,
this one experience to make me
forget all the good they had done.
I had to work at remembering
the good things,
the times they were present,
the moments they were affirming, and
the moments they lived up to my expectations.

I am sure there are moments,
intentionally or not,
that I have not lived up to someone’s expectations.,
or that I have hurt their feelings,
and made someone forget
all the times I was loving,
and kind.
May we remember the goodness
in the wake of the pain.
May we remember for others
as we would like others to remember
about us.



September 2, 2019

Never speak with your mouth full,
my mother would say.
there is a time to speak and
a time to listen.
A time to hear and
a time to be heard
There is a time to eat and
a time to speak.

Learning to find balance
in our conversations with others
is about respect and honor.
It is about recognizing that
we each have something to say
and creating space for all to speak
and be heard.

It is more than just not speaking,
it is also about listening.
It is about hearing what is said and
not thinking about what we want to say next.
It is about learning to be okay
with moments of silence
as we process and reflect
before speaking

May we take the time to listen,
to think,
to speak,
and to create balance
in our conversations


August 26, 2019

I don’t know you.
I have never seen you.
We have never met.
However, today I saw you.
We may not have spoken
or interacted
in any way, shape, or form.
However, I do know we are

I remember this day when
I saw a stranger and smiled.
Our eyes connected and
I said hello, and told her
have a great day.
I met her again
years later when she told me
you saved my life.
I hope you know
you are blessed.

We meet strangers
all the time
We do not know that
each opportunity is a
chance to bless and be blessed.
Blessed are we and
blessed are they as
we are strangers to each other.


August 19, 2019

When I think about traveling,
I think about planes, trains, and automobiles.
I think about leaving and arriving.
I think about new people, places and things.
I do not think about staying still.

Life, however, is an ever-changing landscape.
Nothing in our lives is exactly the same.
It is, as Alice Walker would say,
never the same river twice.
Our bodies,
our minds,
our souls,
the air we breathe,
nothing is ever the same,
we are and live in
an ever-changing landscape.

We travel through the seasons,
through the years of our life,
through the ups and downs,
through the losses and celebrations,
through changes in jobs,
relationships, and so much more.

We live in a constant state of travel,
earning frequent flyer miles of
experience and wisdom as we
travel through the
ever-changing landscape of life.


August 12, 2019

We tend to thank you
for so many things.
We thank you for
what we have,
our friends,
and all we have been given.

Today may we also thank you
for what we do not have.
May we remember to thank you
for the illnesses we do not have,
for the challenges we do not face,
for the possessions we do not own,
for the poverty we do not experience.
For all we do not own,
we thank you.

We thank you
for our first world issues,
for the things we do not
even realize we have.
For all we have and
all we do not have
we thank you.


August 6, 2019

the list of things
I want to say

I don’t like
can be ever growing.

Then I realized
it is about my attitude.
I can look at these things
as chores,
as things I dread doing,
or I can get
a new attitude.

I can see them
as an opportunity,
a time of decluttering,
a time of creating holy space,
a time of creating a sacred space

It is all about our attitude
and how we perceive things.
They can be opportunities or not.
May we be intentional about
approaching things with a new attitude
and give thanks instead of complaining.


July 23, 2019

If you want to know God,
then serve God.
I think that is what I read.
So how do you serve God?

What if we started by
seeing and serving the God
in others.
What if we begin by seeing
everyone we meet as God?

If I see the Divine in you,
then I see qualities in you
I could not see before.
I get to know you and in doing so
I see the Divine in you and get to know
new things about God

When we open our table
to the excluded,
we come to see how God shows up
and shows out
in the widest diversity of

Do you want to know God?
Take the time to know others,
build relationships,
and see how God works in them and
through them.
By knowing others,
you will come to a deeper understanding of God


July 15, 2019

“Nothing lasts,
nothing is finished,
and nothing is perfect.”
These are three simple realities.
Yet there are things in my life
which have lasted
for decades.
There are things in my life
which move me spiritually.
There are things which
appear perfect, even in
their imperfections.

There is a sense of
in this nothing.
There is an authenticity
in this nothing.
There is a longing and melancholy
in this nothing.
There feels like something
in this nothing,
but that something is the
essence of nothing.


July 2, 2019

Forgiveness is a gift,
it is about setting us both free.
it is about reaching across
all the divides,
across all the barriers,
across everything that makes us not
want to be willing to embrace.

Being willing to embrace
is not physical,
its about allowing our love
to be unconditional
and transformative.
it’s about being able to
move through all barriers,
defy all the odds,
embracing in the
unconditional love
which lives within us.

Being willing to embrace
is about being resistant
in a world that teaches us to be
and cruel.

Being willing to embrace
is about opening our hearts
removing all the scabs
all the hard spots we have
allowed to grow
and embracing others
with the same grace,
and unconditional love
given to us.

This is not just about embracing others.
It is also about embracing
It is about loving ourselves
it is about being
willing to embrace
ourselves as God
embraces us.


June 24, 2019

Hope is about trust.
Hope is about walking in faith
not always knowing
where, how or even why,
but knowing their trust
in the Ultimate
will guide them
and their journey.
Hope is what
the spiritual leaders before us had.
Whether it was
Doris Day,
or someone else,
they walked in hope,
of a journey
they could not forsee

Walk in faith.
That is what many
spiritual leaders did.
They walked in hope
knowing their faith would
guide them forward.
We hope that the same
is true
for us.
We live with a promise in our hearts
Like those before us,
we may not know
how, or why, but we know
from whom.