Consistency compounds, this message rings in my head. It reminds me to be consistent in the performance of my spiritual practices. So every day I take time to think and reflect on my ┬áthought for the day and then I write in my gratitude journal, inspiration journal, and intention journal It is no longer somethingContinue reading “CONSISTENCY COMPOUNDS”


We all fantasize, but how many of us fantasize about being of greater service to the one we call our Higher Power What do you fantasize about? Is it about fighting for equality amongst all of humanity? Or is it about working to bring about world peace? Perhaps it is about practicing patience or compassionContinue reading “FANTASY”


Every month, every day someone leaves us to live in a different space. Friends, family members, and furbabies have died before us The older we get, the more we experience people leaving before us, and leaving us behind. I miss those who have gone, but in their own ways they live on. They exist inContinue reading “INSPIRATIONS”


I look at the earth for inspiration. it revolves, it grows, it transforms and it keeps on going. It never stops. I can be like the earth. I can grow evolve, transform persevere, and be persistent. I can have my seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter. I grow, I play, I change and IContinue reading “LIKE THE EARTH”


i woke up this morning thinking about the person who said I was nagging her even though it was not my intent. Sometimes we hurt people whether we intend to or not. Regardless the damage is the same. Today I apologize because I regret anytime I hurt someone intentionally or not. I apologize to allContinue reading “APOLOGIZING”


The message keeps coming Start your day by giving to God and then God will give the day to you. How do you start your day? Do you start by having time with God? Time for your spiritual practice, spiritual discipline, devotion, prayer, or meditation. Do you tithe your time to God before spending theContinue reading “STARTING THE DAY”