July 15, 2019

“Nothing lasts,
nothing is finished,
and nothing is perfect.”
These are three simple realities.
Yet there are things in my life
which have lasted
for decades.
There are things in my life
which move me spiritually.
There are things which
appear perfect, even in
their imperfections.

There is a sense of
in this nothing.
There is an authenticity
in this nothing.
There is a longing and melancholy
in this nothing.
There feels like something
in this nothing,
but that something is the
essence of nothing.



July 2, 2019

Forgiveness is a gift,
it is about setting us both free.
it is about reaching across
all the divides,
across all the barriers,
across everything that makes us not
want to be willing to embrace.

Being willing to embrace
is not physical,
its about allowing our love
to be unconditional
and transformative.
it’s about being able to
move through all barriers,
defy all the odds,
embracing in the
unconditional love
which lives within us.

Being willing to embrace
is about being resistant
in a world that teaches us to be
and cruel.

Being willing to embrace
is about opening our hearts
removing all the scabs
all the hard spots we have
allowed to grow
and embracing others
with the same grace,
and unconditional love
given to us.

This is not just about embracing others.
It is also about embracing
It is about loving ourselves
it is about being
willing to embrace
ourselves as God
embraces us.


June 24, 2019

Hope is about trust.
Hope is about walking in faith
not always knowing
where, how or even why,
but knowing their trust
in the Ultimate
will guide them
and their journey.
Hope is what
the spiritual leaders before us had.
Whether it was
Doris Day,
or someone else,
they walked in hope,
of a journey
they could not forsee

Walk in faith.
That is what many
spiritual leaders did.
They walked in hope
knowing their faith would
guide them forward.
We hope that the same
is true
for us.
We live with a promise in our hearts
Like those before us,
we may not know
how, or why, but we know
from whom.


June 18, 2019

I  say this
and I start singing
I don’t want to get high
with a little help from my friends,
but I want to remember I get by
with a little help from my friends.
This reminds me that the same is true
for my friends.
They get by
because I offer some help.

We are there to help each other through,
to help lighten each other’s burdens,
to lighten the burdens of the world.
if we each did what we could to
lighten the burdens of the world
and others, then
we would all get by a little easier.

What if we all tried to be there
for each other
and for the world.
What if we did what we could to
help each other through the rough times.
What if we did what we could to help each other
get by.
How much better would the world be if we
did for each other and
did not just think of ourselves?


June 10, 2019

I have friends who drink
to get high
do drugs
to get high
to get high
to get high and
engage in all kinds of behaviors
to get high.

I have had my own moments of
getting high.
They come in moments of
moments of Divine grace,
moments of revelation
where I become intoxicated
in a way that involves nothing but
the presence of the Divine.
This is when I experience
a high that can only come
from being in the presence
of the Divine.
This is my Divine High


June 5, 2019

That was not what I wanted to hear
It was not what I wanted to happen,
It was one of those moments
that made me want to avoid it,
run away, hide, and pretend it
does not exist.

However, what I have learned is to
embrace the moment.
Good or bad, I have to
embrace the moment.
Whether I want to or not,
it is through embracing the moment
that I grow, evolve, and transform.

Sometimes we think something
is the worst thing that could happen
in our lives, but the worst thing is not
embracing the moment.
There is a blessing in the hardest of moments,
like when I lost the feeling in my leg,
lost part of my vision,
lost my paratransit services
lost ___________________.
However, when I embraced all of that
I found peace, power, strength, and grace.
Whatever you encounter,
embrace the moment,
and give thanks for the blessings
and the lessons.


May 27, 2019

To all the people who have gotten on my nerves,
Thank you.
You have taught me so much
about myself.
You have taught me to
turn the mirror on myself
and see that same quality
in myself and learn from it,
so thank you.

To all the people who have hurt me
Thank you.
You too have taught me to
look at why I allowed you to do so.
You helped me grow and become
more aware of where I needed to heal,
what expectations I needed to release, and
what else I needed to release in my own life,
so thank you.

To all the people who have not lived up
to my expectations.
Thank you.
You have taught me to look at what
I was still expecting and not aware o.
You have reminded me of the difference
between expectation and agreement.
You have helped me to seek clarification,
in those situations where I did not have it,
so thank you.

To all those who have helped me to grow,
because something you did hurt me,
disappointed me,
let me down,
irritated me,
or just got on my last nerve,
thank you.


May 21, 2019

It was one of those days,
when I just wanted to cry,
when everything seemed
harder than it should be.
It was one of those days
when nothing seemed
to fall into place and
things and people were dying.
Then I was reminded that
I was created for a purpose.

So this morning I am working
on remembering that
the world was created just for me.
That all that is happening
is just for me.
The challenges I am going through
are just for me.
Everything God is bringing me through
is just for me.

It is to help me
grow and evolve.
It is to help me
be more patient and understanding.
It is to help me
see the Divine in all of life.
It is to help me remember
it is just for me.


May 13, 2019

It was almost 30 years ago
when I bought that black sweater.
Over the years,
it has kept me warm,
gone on dates,
seen me through
good times and bad.
My black sweater stayed
with me longer than
some friends.

Then the day came,
that I had to say goodbye.
I was so worn out and tattered
I could no longer wear it
not even at home.
There was something about saying
to this sweater that had seen me through
30 years of life.

So as I prepared to let it go
I took a moment to give thanks
for all the dates it had been on with me
for the days it had kept me warm,
for the tears and the laughter it has shared, and
for so much more then
I could remember
or I could put into words.

As we release the old,
may we remember to honor
all it has seen us through
and give thanks for the ways
we have been served and blessed


May 7, 2019

Sometimes we try to be courteous,
we try to be nice
and respectful.
We don’t answer the phone
when we are out with people.
We try to pay full attention
to the one we are with.
We try to be present.

Then the question was asked
what if that is God calling?
What if we are sitting here talking about nothing
and God needs you to be of service
do we answer
or do we ignore.
Does it matter on who we are with
and what they say?

What if those moments in life,
we view as annoyances are really
Divine interventions?
What if we could see the Divine
in those moments we want to ignore?
What if those moments are
our invitations to be the Good Samaritan?
What if God called, and we did not answer?