There have been times When the road was hard, sometimes brutal, and I just wanted to stop, but I pressed on. The road seemed hazardous. The path constructed of and covered in the sharpest of rocks. Then the blessing happened. I saw this road, which appeared hard and hazardous was not what it seemed. TheContinue reading “WALKING ON DIAMONDS”


Every faith tradition has a teaching about how gratitude balances out greed. One of my favorites can be found in Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche’s book The Way of the Buddha. In it he writes, “At the time of Buddha Sakyamuni, a monk found himself in possession of a marvelous jewel that granted any wish — all theContinue reading “GIVE IT TO THE KING”

GRATITUDE IS __________

On November 1st, our Love and inspiration gathering had a powerful discussion about gratitude. We talked about how gratitude, when practiced, has the potential to be the tapestry of our lives. Everything we give thanks for leads to something else. For example, we talked about giving thanks for indoor plumbing, which led to us givingContinue reading “GRATITUDE IS __________”

TRUST IN __________

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin captures an important aspect of faith in these lines from a prayer. Breathing in: Trust in . . . Breathing out: the slow work of God. How many of us remember to trust in the slow work of God?  Last year, one of my students said to me, “It sure wouldContinue reading “TRUST IN __________”


There is this series of videos on YouTube from the Spiritual Literacy Project which illustrate spiritual practices and capture the sacred in everyday life. In a video about enthusiasm, they share a story about Emil’s Sunset. Emil was a gentleman who each night would gather people at the family cottage just to watch the sunset.Continue reading “EMIL’S SUNSET”