September 13, 2019

When I know what to do,
I do it.
When I know where to go,
I go there.
When I think I know the answers,
I forget who is helping me.

It is when I don’t know what to do,
that I work the hardest,
and dig the deepest into my soul.
it is when I am feeling lost
and without direction
that I realize who my GPS “
has been in my life.

We know what we know
because the Divine has
taught us,
nurtured us,
guided us, and
provided for us.

We have gotten this far
because God has been with us,
guiding us,
directing us,
protecting us,
and transforming us.

Our growth in life happens when
we get out of the way and
let God guide us,
direct us,
teach us, and
transform us.
God lets us think we are growing
until we are ready to be humbled and
remember our understandings are not God’s.
God lets us think we are driving
until we are lost and
need God’s Protection System (GPS)
This has given new meaning to
Lost and Found



September 7, 2019

We all have those in our lives
who have the gift of
pressing our buttons.
They are like heat seeking missals
with the ability to detonate that
which we needed to destroy
in our own time.

We tend to avoid them
because we see them as evil,
as our enemies,
and those to avoid.

What if we began saying
thank you.
Thank you for helping
me address my weaknesses.
Thank you for showing me
the dangers before me
Thank you for being a teacher

Thank you for helping me see
what I was not ready to see in myself.
Thank you for forcing me to heal
so that you and others cannot hurt
me in my future.
Thank you for showing me the dangers
so I can take the path which is safer and
not fraught with the dangers
I could not see.

To all of you who taught me
whether that was your intent or not
thank you.


August 30, 2019

This week has been filled with distractions.
People have died.
People have been placed in hospice
People have been forced to move
People have been going through
the most challenging of times
So many people in need of prayer.
In the midst of the storms,
I seek God’s smile.

in the midst of the distractions,
in the midst of Mr Mittens needing surgery,
in the midst of friends having to move in with us.
in the midst of the end of month stress
in the midst of the first week of school confusion
in the midst of the grief, the frustration, and the pain
I seek God’s smile.

When I seek God’s smile
I lose track of the distractions,
I lose track of the pain,
the suffering,
the stressors
and find myself in a
momentary state of peace.

Then it fades
and the distractions suck me back.
It becomes like a game of
hide and seek while I try to
hide from the distractions and
seek God’s smile and
work to stay in the presence of
God’s smile.


August 23, 2019

I was sitting in my living room,
staring out the window,
feeling the warmth of the sun
and realizing when I open the door
I can feel the coolness
of the breeze.
I can smell the candles,
see the beauty,
feel the elements,
hear the sounds
all bringing me messages
from the UIltimate.

Then it hits me that my heart
is the living room for the Infinite.

The Ultimate lives in my heart,
my heart is the living room for the Divine.
No matter how I think about it,
my living room takes on new meaning
new symbolism, and
new life because the living room
is now the living room.

it is the room I must go through to go
anywhere in my house or in my life.
it made me realize that
my living room,
my heart,
should be what I go through
for everything in my life.

My heart needs to be the
living room of the Ultimate,
it’s holy abode,
and I need to redecorate and
transform my heart
to be the sacred living space for the Divine.



August 16, 2019

We have so many laws,
so many regulations,
to control the pollution of our air,
but what about
our minds,
our hearts,
and our souls?

What do we do in our lives
to control the polluted thoughts,
beliefs, and
which are toxic?

May we make this world
a better place by being
a sacred observer.
May we be the one
who cleanses the toxins
out of our hearts, and
the negative thoughts
in our mind.
May we be the
sacred observers
who remove from us
all that is not of the Divine.


August 9, 2019

Kenny Rogers would sing
You got to know when to hold ’em,
Know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away,
And know when to run.

Life is filled with moments
when we must discern when
to hold on and make things work
and when to release them
because it is not our battle
or we know it is not right for us.

This is not about gambling, like the song.
it is about discerning.
it is about listening for
guidance from within us about
whether we can make this work
or we need to release it and let it go.

It is about developing
a deeper relationship with God
knowing what are our battles
and what are not.

May we know when to hold on
tightly to that which is ours
and release with gentle tenderness
that which is not.


August 2, 2019

You are such a gift to our team, she said.
and the words touched my heart
and nourished my soul.

At some level I know others words
should not matter,
but sometimes they are
what I need to hear.

Sometimes it does help
to hear those affirming words,
those compliments from others,
those answers to hidden prayers.

We forget that compliments
nourish our soul and the souls of others.

We forget to feed others
with words which
nourish their self esteem,
remind them they are of value,
and they too are creators of the Ultimate.

May we remember that compliments
are a way to feed God’s sheep,
to demonstrate love for one another,
and to heal wounded souls.


July 29, 2019

Practice makes perfect,
I hear that all the time.
If you keep doing something,
you will eventually master it.

We all have habits we have mastered,
which are unhealthy,
and harmful.

What if we practiced habits,
which were spiritual
and healing.

What if our spiritual habits
were not practiced
now and then,
but daily

What if we were as
devoted to practicing
our spiritual habits as
the negative ones

So today let’s begin
practicing those practices
which are spiritual,
uplifting, and

Let’s practice them
until we have mastered them
and we feel the protection
which comes from within and
from above.


July 26, 2019

One of the things I love most
about you is that you are always
there to come play with me.
You are the one who reminds me of
Melanie singing I have
a brand new pair of roller skates,
you have a brand new key.
You are my playmate.

You are the one who when I
am pausing,
is my best friend and
says lets play.
You watch cooking shows with me,
listen to music with me,
makes me laugh,
brings me joy, and
says let’s play again.

You bring out my inner child.
and remind me you like to have fun too.
You love when we say
let’s play,
let’s laugh,
let’s be silly,
and have a good time.
I am so glad you are
my playmate.

You remind me to pause,
say I have the key
do you have the roller skates.
we have swung on swings,
read books,
splashed in water,
made blueberry banana bars
and hidden under the covers
we call tents.
Thank you for being
my playmate.


July 19, 2019

http://franciscandiscernment.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/6a00e551c6d2b2883401b7c78c3edf970b-300×182.jpg” style=

Goodness begets goodness.
kindness begets kindness.
Gratitude begets gratitude.
Love begets love.
What we put into the world
spreads out and touches others.

If I want to be surrounded by goodness,
I have to radiate it.
If I want to be surrounded by kindness,
I have to practice it.
if I want to be grateful, I have to have an
attitude of gratitude.
If I want to be loved,
I have to offer love.

I have to be the glue
to which goodness,
and love

I have to remember to beget
that which I want to birth
in this world.
What I beget is
what will continue to beget
long after I am gone.

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