December 7, 2018

Thank you Mr Mittens
For the lessons you teach me
and the role you play
in my spiritual journey.

You teach me to live in the moment.
You are ever present,
not time traveling to
the past or the future.
You remind me to be in this moment,
and live a simpler life.

You teach me to love myself just as I am
to be content with and love myself.
You never seem to worry how you look
or if your collar matches your fur
or if your belly has dropped.
You don’t even make a big deal,
if you do not like the can we opened.

You remind me not to judge.
It’s not that you are not discerning,
but it is about whether the objects
make you feel loved or fearful.
do you like the energy being emitted
or not.
You always love me just as I am.

You teach me to go with the flow,
to adapt to the situation.
You look at the blankets as they change
and go yup that will work.
As long as you feel safe, nourished,
and near Zoe or I,
you are at peace.

You remind us to love unconditionally.
You love us no matter what we put in the bowl
or the blanket on the bed.
you love us in good times and bad
for richer or poorer
in sickness and in health.
You have seen me in my best and my worst
and you love me unconditionally
You have these vows that
are unspoken but real

Thank you for being
a mentor and a teacher?
and one of my guides on my journey.



December 1, 2018

There have been moments
Where I have needed stillness.
Where I sought a sanctuary;
A space to retreat to and
sit with you and just be

Then you showed me how
to sit and be still
and journey within
to my inner sanctuary

You bought me
to a space within me
that is quiet,
and where I hear you
with the greatest of clarity


November 16, 2018

Today and all I days
I just have to honor you
for being the great I am

I do not understand you,
or the way you work,
never have and never will.
All I can do is honor you.

The miracles which I have
witnessed and experienced baffle me
They are beyond my understanding
and leave me speechless and baffled.
All I can do is honor you.

Sometimes I think I have a clue,
I think I have an insight,
but your ways are not my ways
and your understandings are not mine.
So all I can do is honor you
for being the great I am.

I wish I could explain, but I can’t.
I wish I had the words, but I don’t
What I can do is sit in the fullness
of the Mystery which is you
and honor you.


November 9, 2018

I remember the process
Of sending the parts of me
I sent them into exile
because I had internalized
the lies,
others had told me were truths.
It wasn’t all at once.
It was a process of
not seeing my beauty
not owning my intelligence
not appreciating all of
who God created me to be.

Then I recognized the lies.
I remembered the truth that
God loves me
just as I am.
I opened my arms
welcomed the pieces home
sought forgiveness
and embraced all of
who I am and who
I was created to be.


November 2, 2018

I love how children
find such wonder in
opening a present
a new toy
or discovering the
mysteries of life

Then they grow up
and we teach them
how to lose that sense of
joy, or

We, as adults
need to stay full of
joy, and mystery
so we can help our
children stay full
keep their sense of wonder,
and mystery.
Together, we can share
and rediscover the
world in which
we live.


October 26, 2018

I used to think
I had to know it all
I had to have all the answers
I had to be perfect

Then I was introduced
to fairy tales and the power of
the magic word.
So I would wait for the
magic words to be revealed.
Then I realized
this was nonsense.
I didn’t need to have all the answers
I didn’t need to know it all
I have been given my own magic words

I don’t know
Those have become the magic words
whether someone is asking me about
Pampered Chef,
or school.

I don’t know has provided me with
freedom from knowing it all;
giving me the freedom to
find the answers.
I have gone from having to know it all,
to just having to know where to find it.
I have learned there is wisdom

In my uncertainty.
there is freedom
in not having to know it all
What are your magic words?
Mine are I don’t know


October 19, 2018

I saw this billboard
Made me think of us.
it said, “Remember how we’d talk every night at bedtime? I miss that. – God.”

Now I lay me down at night,
but do I remember to tell you
to tell you about my day.
to talk about what I am grateful for.
to tell you about my challenges
to tell you how much I love you.

I wish I could say i do
but sometimes I am so tired
that I lay me down to sleep
and I forget to take the time,
to talk to you
and for that I am sorry.

If I can take the time each day
to message
and talk to others.
I can take the time
to spend time with you
at night.

Because in all honesty,
I miss those too
and I always feel so much better
when I wake up.
Wanna have a morning chat
with me too?
Miss you. — Me


October 12, 2018

My longings, my yearnings
Are my compass,
They guide me,
Direct me, and
Lead me through life.

They make no promises,
The path is not always easy,
But it is mine.

It is that which I desire
It is that which I ask for,
When I allow God to order my steps.

It is when I keep walking
In faith
When I keep stepping forward
Towards that which I long for,
That which I yearn for,
That the path is revealed.

I listen to the yearnings
Which come from within,
Which bring me to where
I am supposed to be
To the place the Ultimate is calling me.

This is what directs me,
Leads me,
Guides me,
And brings me
To that place of yearning and desire
That place of intimacy
With the one who is my eternal compass.


October 5, 2018

It’s like a tug of war.
I want to think I am in control,
But I know I am not.
Each time I attempt to control,
I make my world smaller.
So I let go
I remind myself I am not in charge
As I do,
As I open myself up,
My world expands.
I became part of that expansion
I become part of the present
I become a part of this web of connections
I become part of something


September 28, 2018

They were five, six and seven,
Yet they knew how to cuss, gossip, slander,
And speak words of hate.

They were young,
But they had learned how to
Hurt others with their words
It was time to let them taste
What their words felt like

So they had to sip on listerine
Try eating a snail
A variety of things that tasted
What they called yucky
What they had to spit out
What made them want to throw up
This is what God tastes when you
Speak words of hurt and hate
Is this what you want to feed God

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