December 13, 2019

When I think of
I tend to think of
with another person’s sorrow,
disappointment, and
I think of tasting the salt
in someone else’s tears

Empathy is
about oneness between us.
It means I can feel with you
and be in oneness with you
in good times and bad
I can taste the sweetness
in your joy as well as
the salt in your tears.

Empathy is
about me journeying with you
and thinking about when I was
in that place or situation
and how it felt.

Empathy is
about the intimacy between us
and between us and the Divine
which connect us.
it is about knowing
someone is with us
in good times and bad

Empathy is
about sharing
about caring
about being intimate

about allowing the Divine in me

to connect with the Divine in you.

Empathy is
about us connecting
as one
in good times and bad
because we care
and know we are
both images of the Divine.


December 6, 2019

So often we give thanks
for what we have,
for what we have been given,
for prayers answered, and
for that which has been manifested
in our lives.

Today I give thanks for
that which I know is coming.
I give thanks for

that which I pray for today,
for that which I know is coming
because of my faith.

Today I believe in the power
of prayer,
of speaking things into being,
and of believing
in the power of the Universe.

Today I give thanks
for that which has arrived
and that which is coming.
I give thanks for that which I have asked for
and that which the Universe
knows I need.
I just give thanks.


November 30, 2019

Beauty, they  say
is in the eye of the beholder
But it is so much more.
Beauty is like a food.
It fills one’s spirit.
It helps us see things,
feel things,
understand things,
see things,
and experience things
in a way that
surpasses understanding.

is healing.
and evidence of the

Beauty is
about you and me
and the way we see
ourselves and each other.
When we look for it,
we will see it all around us.
The more we look for it
the more it will surround us.

will keep you warm on cold winter days
cool in the summers,
birthing newness in the spring,
and being colorful and transforming
in the fall.
Beauty is
what you as an artist
create in yourself
with every stroke of your brush.


November 22, 2019

A Tibetan meditation master once prayed
“All those I fly over,
may they all be liberated.”
It is comforting to know
that at some point,
he prayed for me.

What if we did the same.
What if we prayed for those
to the east of us,
to the west,
to the north, and
to the south of us?

What if we prayed for all in
and on the earth,
that which is in the air,
temporarily or permanently,
that which is in the water
and or fire?
What if we remembered to pray
for the liberation of
all things,
and people?
How much different
would the world be


November 15, 2019

I look in the mirror
and sometimes I love
what I see and
there are other times
I don’t
However, there has never been
a time when I hated
what I saw so much
that I could slash my wrist
or poison myself
or want to leave this world behind.

When I look in the mirror
what I see is a reflection
of the Divine,
the one who created me,
the one who designed me
the one who tells me
you are beautiful just as you are.

When I look in the mirror
what I see is a reflection
of the Divine
of the one who is love,
is about healing
is about grace
is about wisdom and
is about listening.

When I look in the mirror
I pray for those who
do not see what I see
or feel what I feel.
I pray for those who see
something so painful
that leaving feels better
than staying

When I look in the mirror,
I remember to pray
for those
I know,
those I do not,
those who are whole and
those who are hurting,
those who have asked
for prayer
and those who have not
because we are all
a reflection
of the Divine


November 8, 2019

Black magic is not just about
the spells others may place on us
or say they have.
It is about the negative energy
and spells we cast on ourselves.

Black magic is about
the toxic negativity,
the words and thoughts
of self doubt,
and anything that is

We are the most powerful
practicers of black magic, however,
we can practice
white magic instead.
We can focus on positivity,
radiating love to all,
even if from a distance.

We can undo the negativity
we have thought about ourselves
We can speak goodness and light
about ourselves.
We can speak truth in love.
We can focus on love and light.
We can begin all actions with
a positive intent.

We are our own magicians
what we practice
what we project
is about us.
May we focus on the magic of
love, light and goodness.


November 1, 2019

I would like to say I am immune
to so many things, but I am not.
Anything that can happen to others,
can happen to me.
I am no better than or different than
anyone else.

I am human,
like everyone else.
I am not immune to
being hurt,
respected or
any other feeling.
I am not immune to
power outages,
floods and
any other experience.
it is this understanding that
I am not immune
that allows me to empathize
with others.


October 27, 2019

We get by
with a little help
from our friends,
from our spiritual community
and from those who journey with us.

We get by because they
inspire us,

encourage us,
challenge us,
laugh with us,
and love us unconditionally
for who we are in this moment.

We get by
because of this unconditional acceptance.
We get by because
they help us laugh at ourselves.
We get by because
they help us heal.
We get by because
it is easier then being
on this journey alone.


October 18, 2019

Rest in peace
my friend.
It is what we say
when we lose a dear one.
When we know their
life’s work is done
and they can now
rest in peace.

What if anytime we
gave something time to rest,
we said rest in peace.
Like when one parks their car,
or lets their meat rest before cutting
or I shut my wheelchair off
or we shut our technology down
or we give anything that serves us
time to rest.

Rest in peace
my car,
my phone,
my computer,
my wheelchair,
my friend.
Thank you for your service today.
now rest in peace
until we meet again.


October 11, 2019

Winners and losers,
conquerors and conquered,
these ways of thinking
are about celebration and sorrow.
They are about
hatred and suffering.
They leave one feeling
glorious or gutted.

What if we released
our attachment to the outcome.
What if instead of
winning or losing,
we sought joy.
Joy in the experience,
joy in the outcome
joy in just the opportunity
to be in the moment