October 19, 2018

I saw this billboard
Made me think of us.
it said, “Remember how we’d talk every night at bedtime? I miss that. – God.”

Now I lay me down at night,
but do I remember to tell you
to tell you about my day.
to talk about what I am grateful for.
to tell you about my challenges
to tell you how much I love you.

I wish I could say i do
but sometimes I am so tired
that I lay me down to sleep
and I forget to take the time,
to talk to you
and for that I am sorry.

If I can take the time each day
to message
and talk to others.
I can take the time
to spend time with you
at night.

Because in all honesty,
I miss those too
and I always feel so much better
when I wake up.
Wanna have a morning chat
with me too?
Miss you. — Me



October 12, 2018

My longings, my yearnings
Are my compass,
They guide me,
Direct me, and
Lead me through life.

They make no promises,
The path is not always easy,
But it is mine.

It is that which I desire
It is that which I ask for,
When I allow God to order my steps.

It is when I keep walking
In faith
When I keep stepping forward
Towards that which I long for,
That which I yearn for,
That the path is revealed.

I listen to the yearnings
Which come from within,
Which bring me to where
I am supposed to be
To the place the Ultimate is calling me.

This is what directs me,
Leads me,
Guides me,
And brings me
To that place of yearning and desire
That place of intimacy
With the one who is my eternal compass.


October 5, 2018

It’s like a tug of war.
I want to think I am in control,
But I know I am not.
Each time I attempt to control,
I make my world smaller.
So I let go
I remind myself I am not in charge
As I do,
As I open myself up,
My world expands.
I became part of that expansion
I become part of the present
I become a part of this web of connections
I become part of something


September 28, 2018

They were five, six and seven,
Yet they knew how to cuss, gossip, slander,
And speak words of hate.

They were young,
But they had learned how to
Hurt others with their words
It was time to let them taste
What their words felt like

So they had to sip on listerine
Try eating a snail
A variety of things that tasted
What they called yucky
What they had to spit out
What made them want to throw up
This is what God tastes when you
Speak words of hurt and hate
Is this what you want to feed God

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September 22, 2018

Growing up I was taught
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
But staying healthy
Requires more than A piece of fruit.

I still eat an apple a day,
but the following keeps me growing spiritually
A good heart a day
Keeps the enemy away
Paying attention each day,
Reduces the stress in daily life
Seeing the beauty in the simplicity of life,
Keeps the clutter away.
Being present,
Keeps me out of the danger zones of the past and future.

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September 14, 2018

Words are so powerful
They tell me about you
How you see the world
What you see in me

When you speak
Ill of others
Justified or not,
Gossip or libel
The focus is on
Their inadequacies

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Hold on to the Mystery

September 7, 2018

“You see God so clearly,” he said
He was wrong.
There are glimpses,
moments, and
experiences, but
they are surrounded by Mystery.

They transcend description.
They are Yugen.
They are those moments too deep
And too mysterious for words.
They are Yugen

Yugen is dim,
The experiences which transcend
Know we have experienced something holy.
Profound grace.

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August 31, 2018


August 24, 2018

The shame, the silence, the pain
God has felt this too

I was shamed for my enthusiasm
I was silenced and not given space
I have been told I was too kind
I was not given room to explain
God has felt this too.

I have been told I was not welcome
I was told I was too enthusiastic
I have been told I do not fit in
I have been told I am not relevant
God has felt this too

I have felt the pain, experienced the humiliation, felt the denial
God has felt this too.

I have felt the love, I have felt the joy, I have felt the companionship
God has felt this too.

I have been validated for my feelings
I have felt appreciated by others
I have known what it is like to be told thank you
I have felt the warmth of someone’s hand
God has felt this too

What I appreciate about my life
Is that everything I have felt
God has felt this too.

So I am sitting here thinking about the word practice. I have come to realize that I have this love hate relationship with the word. On the one hand I realize I cannot master anything if I do not practice. I cannot make something a habit unless I do it so often that it becomes part of my daily routine. There are things which I have practiced doing so often and for so long that I now just do them automatically.

My spiritual journey has been filled with opportunities to practice. It has not always been easy, but it has been important that I remain true to my practice. Several years ago I remember a friend of mine wrote about keeping a gratitude journal for November. It prompted me to keep one daily, not just in November. At first doing so daily was not easy. There were days I did not want to do it, but I pushed myself through and now it is just part of my practice and if I do not do it, I feel off. It is like something is incomplete and missing in my day.

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