July 12, 2019

Fear is like a fence
around my mind,
my body,
my soul, and
my world.

It restricts me,
my view,
my interactions,
my experiences, and
my life.

Fear looks like
its protecting,
providing safety,
security, and
in reality,
it is imprisoning,
and limiting.

Today I live
without fear.
i know I have
nothing to fear.
I am embrace the
opportunities to grow,
to evolve,
and to be transformed.
This is why I live
without fear.



July 6, 2019

I have been thinking about prayer
and what I pray about.
Then it dawned on me
that when I pray,
I am entering a
space with the Divine.
I am entering
a league of my own.

It doesn’t matter
who I am around
or with
or where.
When I open myself and
pray I am in
a league of my own
being coached by the Ultimate
and being taken
to a higher place of understanding.

I am in a league
selected just for me.
A league of my own,
hand picked and selected
by the Ultimate.
A league just for me.
A league of my own.


June 28, 2019

I teach about injustice.
I teach about inequality.
I teach about oppression.
I teach about injustice.
I teach about my role
as an activist,
but I also teach about
how I contribute to the
system of inequality.

It is one thing for me to
speak out and do what I can
to fight,
to resist,
to dismantle,
to make this a better world.
However, I must also speak about
how I am part of the system,
passively or actively,
which contributes to the oppression.

I am
a resisister,
and I am
I am
part of the problem and
I am
part of the solution.

I am
created by the great
I am
and in the image of
I am
I work to bring about change,
but I am
also part of the problem
I seek to change.

I am
by I am
to do the work of
I am
with all of who
I am.


June 21, 2019

Go to the gym
because your body needs
Eat healthy.
All things in moderation.
These are a few of the things
I hear about caring for my body.

My heart needs more than
a cardio workout.
It needs love.
It needs to be touched,
educated, and

It needs words,
and ideas
which reach in and
caress my heart.

It comes to me through prayer,
and the whispers from above.

Sometimes it is the
creations of others
and sometimes it is the
conversations of my soul.
My poetry is
one way I speak
to my heart
and hopefully
to the hearts of others.


June 15, 2019

It’s been a rough few weeks.
It’s been filled with losses,
accidents, illnesses,
and other challenges.
I have so many friends who are going through
feeling weighed down with
grief, fear, concerns, and
the challenges of life.

Together we are going through
remembering that life
makes no promises.
There is no promise that
life will be easy
or simple.
We may wish there was, but
there are no promises.

So we lift each other up,
knowing we will make it through
and remind each other
we have this.
We remind each other
to focus on the positive.
We focus on what we have
to be grateful for.
We help each other through
the good times and the bad
and we remind ourselves that
life makes no promises


June 7, 2019

There are days
when I just need
to be held.
When I want to be
a little gurl held
in my mother’s arms

Then I close my eyes,
wrap my arms around myself
and rock myself
until I feel myself being
held in your arms.

It brings me back in time
to those moments when
I was wrapped in the
arms of love and knew
all was going to be okay.

Now when I need to be held
I wrap my arms around myself
and rock myself like my mother did
until I am held by you
and rocked in your Divine love.


May 31, 2019

When I find myself drawn to something,
I have to stop and listen,
because it is trying to
talk to me.

Anything that is alive
has the power and ability
to share a wisdom, lesson, and
talk to me.

The cracks in the driveway
drew me in one day and
between the cracks I saw the beauty
they were revealing to me.

I watched the birds as
they went from branch to branch
grabbing what they needed
telling me you have what you need

I sat in the sun
feeling the warmth wash over me
covering me like a blanket
telling me I am loved

All that is alive
is speaking to us
bringing us lessons
talking to us,
we just need to listen


May 26, 2019

I was reminded of a video
about a young boy and an older man
who created a space
to let each other in.

That is what hospitality is about.
its about taking people
into our worlds.
Its about letting them into
our hearts, mind, souls
and saying you are welcome.

Its about breaking down barriers,
tearing down walls,
overcoming obstacles.
its about building bridges which connect us,
not walls which separate us.
its about connecting people
and hearts
one at a time.


May 17, 2019

So often we live
as if there is a tomorrow.
However, we are not promised
a tomorrow or even a minute from now.

I have almost died
so many times.
I almost died at birth
in a car accident when
I flew out of the car.
I almost died when both
my ureters were obstructed
and when my common bile duct
was obstructed
and before my sleep apnea
was diagnosed.

I remember when they thought
my son was going to die.
I remember my friends
who committed suicide.
I remember all the friends
and family members who have had
their last day

So now, I try to live as if
today is my last day.
I remember to tell
Zoe that I love her.
I remember to say thank you
to all those who love and support me.
I remember to be grateful
I woke up and made it through
another day.

I remember that today
may be my last day.
I remember  that nothing
is promised.
I remember I do not know
So I give thanks or just waking up
as this may be my last day.


May 10, 2019

It was a word I used
to say this is mine;
to belongs to me.

It was mine because
I bought it,
it was given to me.
I earned it,
or it some other way
came into possession.
It was mine.

I liked mine,
because it made me feel
as if I possessed,
I owned,
I had control, and
I had power.

So what if stopped saying mine
if I started seeing everything
as being borrowed,
as a gift from the Ultimate,
as a blessing which was with me
for a time,
for a season
but not mine.

Legally something may be
however, if everything I have
is from the Divine,
then it is not mine.
It is a blessing,
a reminder all my needs
are met.

Things may come and go,
they may break,
they may be stolen,
they may be regifted
but they are not mine.
They are things in my life
for a reason and
a season,
but they are not mine.

Removing the word mine
from my vocabulary
changes my perspective.
It recognizes my blessings
changes my connections,
and opens my eyes,
to the presence of God
in my life.