Happiness, like other feelings, is a moment. It is not a wave, it is not a length of time, it is not unending. It is like a wave. It comes, we experience it, and it is gone. Then it comes again. In that moment we celebrate the way we feel. We celebrate the happiness, theContinue reading “CELEBRATE THE MOMENT”


Sometimes I love being who I am other times I wish I didn’t need to explain that I am not black, I am not white, I am me. I am the blend of those who came together in love and created me. Sometimes I am grateful to have had my light skin, and sometimes IContinue reading “SOMETIMES”


Each day of my life I have the opportunity to give birth to new possibilities, new ideas, and new understandings. However, first I must let go. I have to declutter myself and my inner space. I have to get go of ideas, beliefs, explanations, relationships, and all that are cluttering my mind and soul. AsContinue reading “GIVING BIRTH”


No one knows me the way the Ultimate knows me. I would like to say I know myself well, but I don’t. The Ultimate creates opportunities for me to learn about me in ways I may not always like. I get to see that which I appreciate and that which needs improvement. I have friendsContinue reading “ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT”