Black magic is not just about the spells others may place on us or say they have. It is about the negative energy and spells we cast on ourselves. Black magic is about the toxic negativity, the words and thoughts of self doubt, self-deprecation, and anything that is self-harming. We are the most powerful practicersContinue reading “MAGIC”


Winners and losers, conquerors and conquered, these ways of thinking are about celebration and sorrow. They are about hatred and suffering. They leave one feeling glorious or gutted. What if we released our attachment to the outcome. What if instead of winning or losing, we sought joy. Joy in the experience, joy in the outcomeContinue reading “RELEASE AND FIND”


Multiple people can do the same thing, say the same thing, seem to have the same attitude, or act in the same way, yet we treat them different dependent on who they are. Do we allow a behavior to trigger the same emotion regardless of who it is? Am I as irritated by the slowContinue reading “IF IT WERE YOU”


I used to want to be an expert, however, I realized I was less open to learning. Now I work at staying a beginner This mindset is not easy. It  means I drop my expectations preconceived ideas and anything I believe an experience will be like. What if we approached everyone, everything and every situationContinue reading “STAYING A BEGINNER”