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December 26, 2018

I had a few choices for products starting with J this week, but had to go with the Jar Opener. I don’t know about anyone else, but there are way too many times in my life when I have had trouble opening the lid on the jar. It doesn’t matter if I have opened it before or not. Sometimes, someone follows behind me and closes the jar so tightly that I have to ask them to reopen it for me. Granted my hand strength is not what it used to be when I was younger, but even then, I sometimes struggled to get the lid off. One of the things I love most about this product is that I can mount it under my kitchen cabinet or I can use it by hand. The hand is soft, comfortable, and easy to use.

Every time I use the Jar Opener, I remember how my faith helps me open up my belief system and explore my beliefs, some of which are outdated and need to be taken out of my jar. Some items need to be taken out of my jar and sometimes items need to be put in.

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December 12, 2018

Using fresh herbs is something so many of my guests and hosts tell me they are afraid of. I can understand that to some degree. Even though we know fresh is always better than processed, we tend to not be familiar with them and so go for what we are familiar with. There is also the fear of how to properly handle them and mince them for recipes which call for them. Having the right tool is always important. I love the herb mill for a few reasons. First it enables me to mince herbs without bruising or crushing them.

Like herbs, we as human beings can be fragile at times. There are times we have to go through transformations in our own lives. However, where possible we would prefer to go through these changes in a way that did not cause us any additional harm.

The Herb Mill is a fast way to add fresh flavor to your favorite recipes. It’s a quick and safe way to mince herbs, both soft and hard. The ceramic ball in the mill gently pushes the herbs into the blades without causing them any harm. The container also has a lid which allows you to store the herbs in the refrigerator after being minced.

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December 5, 2018

A friend of mine gives me a hard time about my ability to see life and spiritual lessons in just about everything. As I was thinking about our Grilling Tool Set, I thought how awesome it would be if I could store all my spiritual tools in one place. Many of them are stored within me, but others have found their home in meditation room which contains my books, music, a futon for friends and clients to sit on and my altar which contains all the things which help bring me peace and ground my environment. Yet I do not have a way to put all of them in a tote and bring them with me.

Our Grilling Tool Set allows those who enjoy grilling to tote their tools, cook, and clean up without the stress of wondering if they have all the tools they need. The set includes Grill Tongs, Grill Spatula, Grill Basting Brush, Wooden Grill Scraper, and of course the Grilling Tool Bag.

Each piece plays its own role, including the Grilling Tool Bag. When you first look at, it appears like a fairly simplistic bag. However, as you explore it you begin to see that there is a functionality to the bag that transcends carrying tools. It has five pockets to carry the grilling essentials. However, it also has a mesh pocket where you can store other things you might need, such as spices, silverware and a thermometer to check the temperature of the meet you are grilling. One of the qualities I love is that it is machine washable. During the process of grilling, the tools can get dirty and there is not always a place to wash them before having to repack them, so being able to wash the Grilling Tool Bag once you get back home is a blessing. We all need safe places to store our tools, however, it is also nice to know we can easily keep them clean.

I love each of the tools for different reasons. Each of the tools is at least 16 ¼” in length. The length helps each tool do what it is supposed to do while keeping your hands away from the heat. There are tools I have in my spiritual toolbox which have helped me turn situations, or at least my perception of them around, so I did not cause myself or others any harm.

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November 21, 2018

Electric Wine Opener

Even though I cannot drink wine anymore, much to my chagrin, I still love our Electric Wine Opener and not just because it is the easiest way to open a bottle of wine. I remember one of the first times I used it. A friend of mine who is blind was over and was asking how it worked. I told her. It was so easy for her to open the bottle of wine we were going to drink over dinner. It was the first time she had been able to open a bottle of wine without assistance and for her that moment was so empowering

My son has special needs and he loves this for other reasons. He loves watching the lights and the corkscrew go up and down. It was so much fun, he wished it could open soda bottles. LOL. I love it because I have difficulty with manual wine bottle openers. It is one of those products that is so simple to use that anyone who wants to open a bottle of wine can. It made me realize how often we miss those moments where we all get to do something which so many of us just take for granted. While not everyone may want to open a bottle of wine. Anyone who would like to should be provided with a product that would make it easy for them to do so.

What makes it so simple to use is that there is one button which operates the Electric Wine Opener. Slide it in one direction and it pulls the cork out and slide it in the other direction and it releases the cork.

Another feature I appreciate about this product is the stand, which is also the foil cutter. You begin by aligning the foil cutter over the bottle’s neck. Grasp the sides of the foil cutter with your thumb and fingers while rotating the bottle. After one or two complete rotations, remove the cutter from the bottle’s neck. After you have removed the foil, the cutter returns to being the stand for the Electric Wine Opener. This stand reminds me of my faith, it has the ability to keep me standing strong through all life’s moments. It cuts through and cuts away those things which are interfering with y growth and enhances my ability to open my bottle of internal gifts and talents (wine).

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November 15, 2018

I had to write about the Deep Covered Baker this week. Some of us call it The Magic Pot because what happens inside the baker when it is covered is magic. It does things like allow you to microwave a pork tenderloin in 10 minutes or a whole chicken in 30 minutes. There are entire lists of one pot meals you can make in it in 30 minutes or less and you can use it in your oven and microwave.

Because of something that happened in my life today, the Deep Covered Baker has taken on new meaning for me. It has become a symbol for me of what happens when I draw on my faith in my Higher Power. It is like magic happens. For example, how today when I was in need of an epipen, I learned there is a nationwide shortage. No pharmacy around me had one. I was going to have to delay starting a new medication. The tonight in the magic of my faith pot, the doorbell rang and a pharmacy I have never heard of nor am connected to bought me an epipen in a brown paper bag.  We do not always have to understand the magic which happens in our Deep Covered Baker, we just have to appreciate the magic

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I was having a Sesame Street moment as I thought the letter for this week is C. We have so many C items it was hard to choose, but I decided to pick the C item that gets the most use in my home, the Chef’s Silicone Basting Brush.

What is interesting is that I use it less for basting then I do other things. I use it to easily spread oil on my stoneware and my metal pans. It gives me an excuse to play for a moment as I paint my pans with oil. Sometimes I take a moment to let my inner child play and paint an oil picture and then I paint over it and prepare it for whatever I am putting on it next. Other times I do use it for brushing sauces, butter or oil on whatever I am cooking at that moment. There is something about having a brush in my hand that makes me tap into my inner artist. Even if what I am painting is the slices of tofu with my Maple Bourbon sauce, I can have fun painting my “canvas”

One of the features I love most is the hook on the handle which allows the brush to rest on the side of the bowl or measuring cup that my “paint” is in. I never have to worry about it sliding into the “paint” and my having to dig it out, clean it off and pray it did not slip in again. That hook sometimes reminds me of my faith. How it is my faith that allows me to hang on to my relationship with my Higher Power and know I am going to be okay.

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Is it stable? Will it hold my planner? How about my surface laptop? These were the questions I was asked about our Bamboo Tablet Stand. Given that I had answered several questions about this product, it made sense I should use this as my B product as I blog my way through the alphabet. This is probably one of those products, one does not think of when they think Pampered Chef, but it is one of those products we use all the time in our house. I think we have four of them, one for just about every room of the house. In the bedroom, it holds the table, kindle or book being read at the moment. In my office, it holds a variety of things ranging from my planner, whatever documents I am needing to refer to while I am working or the book I am reading for school. In the kitchen, it holds my tablet or cookbook or pages of recipes when I am cooking. For me, and for others, it is more than just a tablet stand. It is that go to which is stable and versatile. It is like that sacred writing you think of all the time and refer to in a wide diversity of situations.

One thing I love about our Bamboo Tablet Stand is that it is made of bamboo. I have always appreciated product with a low carbon footprint and bamboo is one of those products. Bamboo is durable, doesn’t absorb moisture, and it’s a natural, renewable resource. For me, it assists me in being a good steward of the resources the Universe has entrusted me with makes me feel good.

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