October 18, 2019

Rest in peace
my friend.
It is what we say
when we lose a dear one.
When we know their
life’s work is done
and they can now
rest in peace.

What if anytime we
gave something time to rest,
we said rest in peace.
Like when one parks their car,
or lets their meat rest before cutting
or I shut my wheelchair off
or we shut our technology down
or we give anything that serves us
time to rest.

Rest in peace
my car,
my phone,
my computer,
my wheelchair,
my friend.
Thank you for your service today.
now rest in peace
until we meet again.



October 17, 2019

We never know who will be used to make a difference in this world. We each have the power to make a difference


October 7, 2019

I salute the God in you.
I bow before you
with my hands folded
as if in prayer.
I recognize that meeting you
is meeting the God in you.
I recognize that you meeting me
is meeting the God in me.
So we bow in prayer
and give thanks
for the opportunity
to meet God
in each other.


October 7, 2019

You do not have to stay your past, you can become your future

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October 4, 2019

Multiple people can do the same thing,
say the same thing,
seem to have the same attitude, or
act in the same way, yet
we treat them different
dependent on who they are.
Do we allow a behavior to trigger
the same emotion
regardless of who it is?

Am I as irritated by the
slow driver who is a stranger
as I am by the slow driver who
I know is my sibling?
Does my knowing you mean
I average things out over time
vs judging based on one experience.
Do we judge others
by the one thing we know they did
while judging others
by the average of our experiences?

We are all the masked singer for someone.
for someone,
we are the one who irritated them,
got on their last nerve,
drove too slow,
cut them off,
or engaged in whatever it was that
made you want to cuss them out
until we were unmasked
and you realized who it was.
Who are you the masked singer for?
What if it were you?


October 1, 2019

I have long been taught
to look for the Divine
in the world.
I have looked for the Divine in
and things.

What if instead of looking
for the Divine in what is
outside, we looked for the
outside in us.
What if I looked for that person
in me,
that place
in me,
that thing
in me.

What if I looked for
the sky in me,
the sea in me,
the trash in me,
the homeless in me,
the flower in me,
the artwork in me?
What would I see
in me?


September 29, 2019

Speak it into being

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September 24, 2019

Sometimes it is the simple things in life
that bring us joy.
like the smell of freshly mowed grass,
or waking up to a pot of freshly brewed coffee,
or when a friend surprises me with one of my favorite treats
or when I get a paratransit reservation

it is not just the big things that bring us joy;
it’s also the simple things.
It’s the smells, sounds, tastes, textures, and experiences
which put a smile in our hearts and souls.

It’s the little things which bring us joy.
So today focus on doing something simple for yourself
and others
and do something simple
to bring joy in to your life and theirs.


August 30, 2019

This week has been filled with distractions.
People have died.
People have been placed in hospice
People have been forced to move
People have been going through
the most challenging of times
So many people in need of prayer.
In the midst of the storms,
I seek God’s smile.

in the midst of the distractions,
in the midst of Mr Mittens needing surgery,
in the midst of friends having to move in with us.
in the midst of the end of month stress
in the midst of the first week of school confusion
in the midst of the grief, the frustration, and the pain
I seek God’s smile.

When I seek God’s smile
I lose track of the distractions,
I lose track of the pain,
the suffering,
the stressors
and find myself in a
momentary state of peace.

Then it fades
and the distractions suck me back.
It becomes like a game of
hide and seek while I try to
hide from the distractions and
seek God’s smile and
work to stay in the presence of
God’s smile.


August 25, 2019


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