I used to love mystery novels, but now I am playing the detective in my own life. I follow the clues the things I see, the things which fall between the cracks and are visible but not. I follow the scents, the sounds, the tastes, the textures and all that life offers as I workContinue reading “SPIRITUAL DETECTIVE”


teaching and learning are not about what happens in the classroom. Teaching and learning happens in every moment of life. Everyone I have ever met no matter for how long has been a teacher. Whether I allowed them to teach me or no was about me. They were sent to teach me. Being a teacherContinue reading “TEACHING AND LEARNING”


I always giggle when I see a McDonald’s ad that says I’m loving it. it reminds me of how powerful my words and attitude are. I am not where I can say I’m loving it about everything, but I can say I’m liking it. Whatever the weather I’m liking it. Whatever the diagnosis I’m likingContinue reading “I’M LIKING IT”