September 12, 2017

What in your spiritual practices and/or faith traditions helps you wonder?




September 6, 2017

dew drops.jpg
What reminds you to appreciate the wonders in the world every day?


September 1, 2017

I have been sitting here thinking for a moment about what is normal for me? Am I even mindful of the normalness of my life, until like a fish I am removed from my water. For example, it seems completely normal for me to do things when others tell me what to do, as if this is what I expect. If I am to accomplish the goals in my life, someone other than myself is going to give me the directions on how to do x, y, or z. so when I am not told how or what is expected it creates this sense of wondering, which can sometimes feel uncomfortable or scary.

I have been writing academic papers for so long now that when I am asked to write something, I fall back into that normal mode and disconnect from my creativity and go through my own organizational process to create this paper.  I follow the process and turn in a well written and well researched paper which follows all the rules I have learned about writing a paper.

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Song of the Week

August 24, 2017

this week’s song of the week reminds us to wipe away from the rainstorms in our life which are obscuring our vision and see the amazing life before us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSuB4t3q_dA


August 4, 2017

Thank you for always reminding me that I am the author of my story. I can edit and revise it anytime I wish to. I remember watching a video with Kyle Cease where he had these people have a conversation with him a year from now after having made the decision to follow their dreams, so I was thinking, what if I wrote you notes as if it were a year from now, five years from now, and maybe 10 years from now telling you how amazing my life is. So today I am going to begin the journey by telling you what my vision for the next 10 years looks like. If this is indeed where you are guiding me, I know we will be there.


August 4, 2018

Dear God,

Life is so good. I am taking a break from all the sessions and activities at my first Pampered Chef conference. It has been amazing to have met so many people and to have been able to cross stage as an Advanced Director with so many of my team members in the audience. It is awesome that this summer, for the first time in decades I am not worrying about how I am going to make it through the summer financially. I am finally done writing my book and have it all ready to go to the publisher. So, thank you for an awesome year.  It was not always easy, but I know that everyone joined in their own time and you put everything in place where it was supposed to be. I am grateful for reminding me to claim pre-designated writing times and so going in the other room really helped me. It also helped to start a spiritual writing group that met here monthly to talk about tour progress.

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the August 2017 issue of One Spirit, Many Voices is now available for download at http://inspiritual.biz/newsletters/

The other day, I was sent a story about an interaction between a homeless man and a manager at a Chik-fil-a. The homeless man had come in asking for remnants and anything they might be throwing away. Instead the manager offered to pray with him and then gave him a full meal. It is in these acts of radical hospitality that we practice unity. Whether this story is true or not is not important. What is important is the lesson it teaches about how to practice unity. When we honor the dignity in others and treat them with respect, then we work together in unity to promote love and kindness in the world

The world is full of people like this. The other day as I was in my mart cart waiting to check out at the grocery store, a young boy offered to help take all the groceries out of my cart. While I did not need the help, I could see that this was something he wanted to do and so I graciously accepted. What I learned was this this was a practice his parents were teaching him. Each day he is to do something kind for someone. When he does he gets a kindness sticker on his calendar. When he has a full calendar, his parents do something for him. His mom told me that one month, his act of kindness was to tell his parents they did not need to reward him for being kind. They did anyway.  He has learned to work in unity with others to help achieve little goals.

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July 18, 2017

What are you doing to expand those you welcome into your family?

Song of the Week

July 6, 2017

Thanks to Lori Whitehurst for offering this song as this week’s song of the Week. It reminds us that if we all work together we can create unity. We can recognize that we are truly one human family and one nation https://youtu.be/uslWJEl63Gs


June 12, 2017

What a difference an R can make. It made me think about the story I was once told about how the difference between evolving and revolving is an R. When we keep doing or believing the same thing repeatedly, then we are not evolving. It is as if we are trapped in one of those revolving doors, which we have often seen in a department store. We are just revolving through life and not evolving.

It is reassuring to remember we do not have to believe in or agree to the same things for our entire lives. As we grow and evolve, what we believe should also change. What we believe is in our minds. Those beliefs only have power over us as long as we agree that they are true and give them power in our lives. When we realize they no longer need to reside in our mind, then we can say to them, “you are no longer true” and release them from our Book of Law.

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