I remember reading
how the disciples woke Jesus
up in the middle of the storm
and all he said was
“Peace, be still.”

He did not panic
or stress
or worry,
He just laid there
solid and calm
and said
peace be will

What if we did that
when others are
stressed and worried?
What if we are the ones
who are solid and calm?
What if we are the ones
who remembers
this too shall pass
amd models that for others?

We have the power
to be the solid and the calm
in the midst of the storm
and help others
make it through


Sometimes we work
so hard
we feel exhausted.

How many times
have I heard
or even said
I need a nap.

Sometimes we are so busy
we think we are tired
but perhaps we should be asking
where is the joy

Where is the time
in the midst of it all
that we stop and
do something which energizes us,
and brings us joy.

In the midst of
the busyness
may we remember
what brings us joy,
what energizes us
what makes us feel
as if we have napped.