Sometimes we th…

Sometimes we think it is our place to tell other adults what to do; it’s not. It’s their place to make decisions about their journey and their lives. When we make decisions for others, then we are saying I devalue you and your ability to make choices and decisions about your own life. Rev DrContinue reading “Sometimes we th…”

Acknowledge your feelings!

How are you? I’m fine. This seems to be one of the most common conversations we have with people and the sad truth is there is generally no honesty in this conversation Most of the times we do not genuinely want to know how others are or what they are feeling and most of usContinue reading “Acknowledge your feelings!”

Unfinished business

As I wrote about in my reflection for the April 2014 issue of One Spirit, Many Voices newsletter, “Acknowledgment can be used in two ways. One is the “acceptance of the truth or existence of something.” The other is the “action of expressing or displaying gratitude or appreciation for something.” Both are important in theContinue reading “Unfinished business”