You are old, you are new, it doesn’t matter you are special and I appreciate you I appreciate the lamp on my desk, the desk I work on the notebooks which help train me, the roof over my head, the floors under my feet I appreciate you. I can walk and sit in any roomContinue reading “APPRECIATION”


This morning I woke up to this quote on my calendar that took me a moment to think about. It said, “One day Dong-shan was washing his bowl, and happened to see two birds fighting over a frog. A monk also saw this and said, “Why does it come to that?” “Only for your benefit,”Continue reading “TWO BIRDS, A FROG, AND ME”

A is for the A’s

Lately, others have invited me to participate in some interesting blogging challenges. This week was no different. For the next 26 weeks, I will be blogging my way through the alphabet. When I asked some of our Facebook and Twitter followers for some A words as inspiration for this week’s blog, you offered me appreciation,Continue reading “A is for the A’s”